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      ok well first a few facts. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend broke up with me at around 15 weeks (when we found out). He still loved me at the time and begged me to have an abortion but I couldn’t go through with it so he left me. We started seeing each other again a few months later, although he still wasnt happy about the baby and ended up freaking out and ending things again.

      Now we hadnt seen each other in about a month, but the other day I went over to his to drop some of his stuff off. We got talking and I ended up staying there. He seemed so much better about the baby although he still doesnt know what he wants to do. Up until then he’d always refused to feel the baby kick, but this time he seemed keen to feel it and when I showed him this pair of baby booties you should have seen the soppy smile on his face. He even spoke about baby names.

      I’m sure he still loves me but is just scared. He kept saying how much he’d missed me and missed being with me/talking to me. He was so snuggly all weekend and barely let me out of his arms. He went away to start his training with the marines this week. We’ve decided that I’ll give him till october to make his mind up and after that I wont wait around for him, but I dont think he’ll even need that long. He said to let him know when the babys born and he’ll come up and see us both when he gets leave. Do you think it sounds like he’s starting to come around?


        I’d be very careful if you were you, only because it was pretty convenient that he’d say the right things just as he was leaving. I’m not saying he wasn’t sincere, but be careful not to get too hurt if he wasn’t honest or runs scared again. How old is he? I think it can make a big difference. Give him time, but be prepared if things don’t go how you’d like them to. God bless.


          it does sound like that 🙂 sounds like he’s just freaked out a bit. and if ur ok with that then i think its fair to take him back 🙂

          if he decides not to come back for definate, u have learnt u will be ok so even tho it sounds like he may very well be there for u, plz remember ull be ok whatever happens.

          good luck xx


            My boyfriend was the same way at first. The first time i gave in nd had an abortion..(that was after 2 miscarriages) then right after the abortion, i got pregnant again. This time i didnt give him the option…i said that this 1ne wasnt going to end in abortion..told him to leave if he had to and after breaking up and getting back together..he said he knew he wanted us to be together with the baby. Started planning names nd rubbing my belly. So i say to u if he is here now…hes here 4 a reason. He could have stood away and continued to be upset that u kept the baby. But he isnt. He wants to be apart of your lives. Just take it slow. Asure him that things r okay…guys tend to be more sensitive and fear more then us females…ive noticed that…they just try to hide it more then us females. Hope i helped…


              I think he is coming he is just scared of such a big responsibilty..everything will work out for the best i promise..just keep your head up and think about that precious baby!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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