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      Okay, so although my little baby is now in heaven, I can’t help but still think about baby clothes, names, accessories etc.. and so I was just wondering..

      What do you think of these names? I chose them awhile ago because I have always wanted to be a mommy, so in my spare time used to think up baby names XD


      Alice-Isabella Adrienne Jacqueline Yasmin Emerald Sade Slaton-Richmond

      (Sade pronounced sha-day) my middle name lol.

      Jasper Jacob Dean Amadeus Darren Joseph Doon Slaton-Richmond[/b]

      (im not particularly fond of the ‘Doon’ part but it was my mom’s godfather-of-sorts so i know it would mean alot to her)

      Any suggestions, comments? Are they too long, too short, to complicated, should i change the order?

      Thanks for your time!

      xox Enya


        Wow, those are really nice names! But wow, they are long! I really like them though, and someday I think you should name your kids those names! *hugs*

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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