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      I’m on birth control and Metformin, for type 2 diabetes, and my last period was the 14th- 2oth of November. Since about the beginning of December, I’ve been nauseous and dizzy, and craving oranges (I usually end up eating a dozen or so clementines a day!). I really didn’t think too much of it, but yesterday I was supposed to be on my period, since I had gone off my pill. I’ve been on the pill for almost three years, and my body is so used to the cycle it starts my period bright and early Monday morning. I didn’t bleed until this morning, but then it was only a spot or two, and then it’s stopped again. I tested last Wednesday, but it was negative. I’m going to test again Thursday or Friday, but what do you all think? Am I pregnant? Thanks, and best wishes to everyone.



        I’m not sure. I would wait a week or so and take another test. If it is negative and your cycle is still unusual I would contact your ob/gyn to have a check-up and see that might be causing the changes. Best Wishes.



          i would say that you arnt pregnant but you should go to your docyor to be 100% sure

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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