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      Hi, ladies. I am amazed by all of your stories and my heart goes out to you. I work at a crisis pregnancy center and hear stories like yours everyday. You have amazing stories — the kind of stories that have the power to change!

      I thought that because you all have these experiences, maybe you could give me advice about helping other women. Where I work we just started an online help center where we send people on our site a little message that pops up. Then we chat with the woman and get her the referrals and resources she needs so that she can carry her pregnancy. We try to offer her all the support she needs. But, I know a pop-up message can be scary, especially when you’re looking for pregnancy alternatives. Do you all have any thoughts about what I could say on this initial message? Something like “Pregnant? Need help?” There are so many options. What about for women who are seeking abortion? Is it to much to say right-out say “Considering abortion?” Basically, what could I have said to you when you were in that situation that would have made you want to talk to me… that would have led me to giving you the help and support you needed so that you could keep your baby?
      I hope you don’t mind sharing with me. I really appreciate it!

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