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      Yup, I do Believe I am Pregnant. I Had Unprotected sex with my Fiancée, and Only a Week into my birth control. I’m not looking for a, “You’re a bit of an idiot” Comment because I’m getting it from everyone except my Fiancée and that baby’s god fathers.

      What I am here for is a bit understanding, I’ve Always wanted the American dream family. With the husband and little billy. and scamp the dog. But I’m 17, a Senior in high school. I am keeping the baby. (We’ve even picked out the names for him,.. or her.)

      And I feel like i am in some kind of crazy 50’s movie, and that I’m going to wake up and be the Innocent 17 year old girl I was.

      I guess I just need someone to talk with about it.


        Hey, I’m here if u need to talk, i’m a mother of soon to be 3 kids now, i’m 20 years old, had my first child at 16 years old.. I’m here to help not judge, i was in ur same situation with my second kid at 17. if u need any advise i’m always here to help and help you understand.

          Thank you,
          So I have ea question, This morning I woke up just feeling disgusting. My stomach and back hurt. I tried going back to sleep but it just won’t take any of that. Is it morning sickness? Or am i just crazy?
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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