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      ok so i had a miscarriage two months ago. id devistated me and it still bothers me. well at the time my boyfriend and i were not together but he was there when i miscarried. well we are now back together we’ve been together a total of 7 years. well i have had one period i think and i havent been using BC because i wanted to get pregnant again. Well i think that i am. ive been moody and my nipples hurt to touch and im filling sick again. So i took one test and i let it sit and it didnt look like it worked so i waited til the next day to take another one. Well i took the second test and it did the same thing but looks like it was negative. But in the mean time i looked at the test id taken the night b4 and it showed a faint positive just like it did the first and second times i found out i was pregnant. So do u think its just too early to know for sure? Because if i am i think im only maybe 2 or 3 weeks along. I was thinking about waiting a week or two and retesting just wanted to get some advice:ohmy:


        Wait and retest. You can’t trust the result of a test that’s sat too long. It can give a false positive. You may in fact be pregnant, but I wouldn’t go by that first result. That’s why you’re supposed to check the results in that particular test’s timeframe as per the directions.


          i dont wanna put a downer on you but after about 5mins the test results can be inaccurate so i wouldnt believe it but id do another test in about 3 days time or a week but dont read it after 5mins. Good Luck


            thanks for you’re replies im going to test again in a week or so

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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