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      Its been one month and a half since I did it… I think I man be pregnant. I’m dizzy, very b!tchy, and im eating alot (tortilla chips and pea nut butter…?). I have gained weight 10 pounds and my stomach is widened. I feel as if something is between my hips; below my belly button. Almost a tingeling sensation at times. Its weird. I dunno…I haven’t took a test YET. What do you think this is?….


        be strong


          [quote] Never Be Afriad To Be What You Are.

          I think that you need to take a test to be certain. if you are then you should consider either keeping it or maybe even adoption. Abortion is the same as killing a person so you might not want to kill your baby, even if you are scared. If you have a partner that you are still in contact with you might want to let him know so you can decide together.


            u should take a test just to ease ur mind about the whole being pregnant thing. i was in your same position once and i jus took a test and it was positive i didnt know what to do or how to tell my mother im only 16 and pregnant. im only a month i think maybe like 3 weeks . just take a test it will make u feel alot better . u need to know wheather u need to start prparing for a baby or have fun og doing things for u!!! :p


              Hey be strong! Im about 5 months along and i love it. I have a supportive boyfriend and support from nearly everyone around me. So take a pregnancy test and reply back! 😀 Good luck! 😉


                dianna, you are very inspirational to me and i myself am pregnet and scared and you helped me too.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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