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      Ok I was just wondering if any of you girls know what is best in preventing stretch marks? I have never had stretch marks in my life and my mom was lucky to not have any with both me and my sister! So I am hoping I will be lucky like her….but what about those creams? I was thinking of giving that a try!! :blink:

      Thanks, Shawna!


        Hey, I loved the Palmers stretch mark cream…also I know some people get really itchy skin on their stomach(cause of the streching and all) and if you itch , it causes more stretch marks and makes them deeper(so they won’t fade away). But I think if your mother didn’t have them you probably won’t!


          Yeah Ive also been using the Palmers strech mark cream and exercising to tighten up my stomach and they seem to be very slowly fading


            I use as many creasm which say ”prevent strech marks” i already have alot wen i did alot of physicall exercise, so i know im prone to geeting them lol, xxxx


              coco butter 🙂 its amazing!


                I absolutely HATE my stretch marks. xD I have to really remind myself that they were worth it! Haha I don’t know really and truly how to prevent them… because I did everything. Eat healthy, exercise, and lotion is the best bet!

                But thanks for giving techniques on how to get rid of them. 🙂

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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