Omg,Omg,Omg i really need ADVISE…

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      Hi i’m Pooh and i really need Advise every since March 24th the day me and my bf had unprotected sex i’ve been feeling really werid and 2day i’m suppose 2 start my cycle and i know its about 1 o’clock in tha moring and i have a whole day ahead of me what if i dont come on i’m going 2 totally freak out i’m so scared and it just hit me i really didnt think twice about it till now I mean i want 2 b a Doctor when i grow up what if i have a baby and cant go to collage i mean then my dreams would b ruiend just for 1 night of passion what am i suppose 2 do i’m ONLY 14 and parents are going to totally kill me or make me get an abortion can they actually do that, Make me get an ABORTION ? that word scares me i’m against abortions i love babys and i know how 2 take care of them it just scares me that i might have 1 of my own … GIRL’s WHAT A I SUPPOSE 2 DO ,How am i going to tell my mom? what if i take a Pregnacy test and she finds it ? what if this, what if that ? HELP :S
      I told my BF and he’s okay with it he said he will help me and i told him i feel and he said dont wory he’ll b with me the whole time ? But i’m still scared .. should i have sum1 else teel my mom how long should i wait to tell here should i tell her right away Girls help quick!!! :unsure: :blush: :blink: 🙁

      ~Freaked out~ Pooh p.s i have been having a few symptoms of pregnancy : aching back, going 2 bathroom alot, Huge appitite…..,breast kinda sore/heavy!! :ermm:


        You need to relax first. If you pregnant stress isn’t good for the baby. i don’t know what state you live in but in New York state if your pregnant your are consider an emancipated teen and you and ONLY you can make your health care decision. Your mother has no say! Trust me i’ve been there. It’s a very scary thing to have to go through, especially at 14. It is so good that you have a supportive boyfriend that really helps. And yes you can go to college. There are many state problems (depending on which state you live in) that will pay for college and day care. Some colleges even have free daycare on campus. So you can go to class and you baby’s right next door.
        Hope this helps you. write back and tell me if your pregnant!


          Hi guys its me i got my period 2 day but isnt it ture i ca get and still b pregnant? its not lite just red…if i was does it have 2 b lite or can it b red? and can i stay on more than 2 days or is it possible can on all 5 days? :unsure: Poohbear*


            having a baby doesnt have to effect your dreams i want to be a doctor also and i have an 18 month old it may take you longer but you can still have your dream and yor really not late yet so relax and waqit it out you should take a test but dont take it all in at once thats to overwelming just take in one day at a time


              Hey i am 14 yrs old to i am 4 months pregnant ya i thought all same things u thought to wen i fount out i wuz pregnant i wuz scared felt only.. to bad i didnt tell my mom she fount the test and made easier it really is good to tell ur mom and dad becuz it turns out good sumtimes they are there for u i thought mine wuld hate me and my life is fine now i am happy with keepin my baby an my mom dad been there for me and it been great! so just clam down and it be fine


                If you got your period your not pregnant. Some women do get their perod when their pregnant. But i doubt that you are. If you want to be sure take a pg test.


                  First of all you need to settle down! Stress can delay your period which can lead to more stress, etc. Even if you do end up having a baby you can still become a doctor–it just may not happen as soon as you would like it to. You can still go to college–there is a lot of funding for people in your situation. I’m pretty sure that it is illegal for a parent to make their child get an abortion-the only thing they can do is threaten you with something like kicking you out of the house if you don’t do it and that would still be illegal because you’re only 14. You should wait a few days until your period is actually late and then take a test. You could even take it in the bathroom of where you buy it and dispose of it there when you get the results. You need to tell your mom ASAP if you are pregnant so you can get the proper prenatal care. She might freak out but you also may be surprised at her reaction. And you should be the one to tell your mom…if you have someone else do it then you’re showing her that you’re not mature enough to deal with your actions, which will make her mad and probably make her want you to get an abortion even more (if those are her beliefs.) Good luck with everything and don’t forget to keep us all updated!

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