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      I’m having lots of cramping, it started at 1 am yesterday morning and just had been going in and out for a day now.
      I have horrible back pain and cramping in my stomach.
      I know Braxton Hicks are contractions, which I do feel (Stomach getting tighter) I’m 37 weeks today, So yay :side:

      But yeah does anyone have any suggestions on what to do for the back pain/cramping and do you know what it is?
      Also, I know nasty, but I’ve been having more mucus looking discharge and about two weeks ago I lost parts of my mucus plug.

      This is not nice =[


        Well sweetie, you only have a couple weeks left and it sounds like you have lost your mucus plug, these may not be braxton hicks, you could very well be in the beginning stages of labor…I think you should call your doctor and be seen, they can check you and see if you are dilating, you could be in labor!! YAY!! Exciting, please keep us informed, make sure you do not take a bath, you could be open down there and allow bacteria to enter, stand in a hot shower and let the water hit your lower back to help with some back pain…just make sure you are seen, especially if this is your first baby you do not know how long the labor process will be so you don’t want to end up in a bad situation…Love Meg


          Make sure to call your doctor those contractions may be the real ones 😉 I know a thing that helps me so much with back pain I’m 28 weeks along and I got big and when I walk for a long time it kills!…Well get one of those messagin machines from a closest pharmacy they are not too expencive and they help soo much… good luck


            Make sure to call the doc. about the contractions…
            I got a big tip for you I found a way to get rid of back pain for few hrs. My boyfriend bought me a massaging machine and you can get that in a closest pharmacy…Its not too expencive and it saved my life. I’m 28 weeks and my back kills ALL THE TIME! :laugh:


              Awee. Thank you!
              I hope the back pain gets better for you but
              it usually doesn’t getting farther along. lol.
              I hope everything has gone great for you and the baby these 28 weeks and continue to.


                Thank you so much.
                I’m still having the cramping off and on.
                I didn’t know you could get bacteria from the bath water.
                Thank you for telling me cause thats what I usually take.
                Thank you sooo much.


                  No problem, taking is not a big issue in pregnancy until you begin to soften, dilate and or lose your mucus plug, your mucus plug is a protective barrier and if it is gone and your cervix is opening then whatever is in that bathwater can now come into direct contact with the amniotic sack with baby it it!! Just think about what we get on our hands off of door handles, cash, public tables and counter tops, whatever else comes in contact with our skin and hair throughout the day, that goes into the water when we get it…eeeewwwww…LOL….just keep us updated on how you are doing!! Merry Christmas, Love Meg


                    Hey Letters2Rain! I dont know very much about this stuff…I had a pretty smooth pregnancy. I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to you and Merry Christmas! Keep us updated, Im excited for you!!! Love, Erica


                      Awee,Thank you! I hope you had a great Christmas.

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