omg im surer im pregnant!wut do i do?

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      okay i havent tooken a pregnacy test but after reading some of the symptoms you guys posted im pretty sure im pregnant man!!!! what do i do? my whole family thinks im a virgin but i lost my virginity when i was 13 and am now 16 MAN im gonna be in trouble! im a BIG TIME daddys girl and i know im gonna hurt him soo bad! and my mom will be soo dissappointed in me. and my aunts and cousins!!! omgoodness! i dont even wanna get started on them! my aunts thought soo highley of me!they would never expect to hear something like this coming from me. and my BROTHERS omg my brothers! i have 3 overprotective BIG brothers and i KNOW that they’ll try to get krazy with him! but yea what shuld i do? HELP!!!!


        it’s gonna be all right dont even sweat it cus if ur fam is as close as u say thay’ll probably be mad but they still will support u neway. i got pregnant @14 had my baby boy @ 15 now im 16 and havin a lil girl. so dont even worry bcus ur child will b ur greatest achievment it will b hard but ur child will make it all worth it if u ever wanna talk email me good luck


          my first suggestion is to get a home pregnancy test and take it. if you’re even just a day late, it should show up. then you need to make an appointment with a doctor or look for a women’s hope/family planning center near you. they have to maintain confidentiality and will give you info (most of the time for free) on all of your options.
          just a quick thought for you: i don’t know what your plans are if you are pregnant but if you don’t want it, please don’t consider abortion. give someone who can’t have a child the opportunity to.


            Sometimes women can really scare themselves into thinking they are pregnant. Once you’ve definitely missed your period or even have spotting, take a pregnancy test…I bought a couple and took one every day for three days. Each one was positive too. I kind of had the problem you had with high expectations from your family. Don’t worry, these people are your family and this baby is a part of them too. I even graduated with very high honors from high school 5 months pregnant. I proved my family wrong…that even through hard times, I could still succeed. You can too!! Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do also when it comes to YOUR baby. Good luck with your situation, remember that in any case, a baby is a blessing!!


              Fist of all u need to take a pregnancy test so that you know for sure, there is no point getting yourself worked up about it if ur not, also the more you worry about it the longer it wi,l take you to come on if your not pregnant.
              If you are then some advice of what i did when i was in your exact same position, being seen as the good girl can be hard to break the news, but u have first got to tell the father of the baby, then u should tell the member of ur family which u can talk to most and isnt going to completely freak out, they can hopefully help you to tell the rest of your family. I hope this helps you. Good luck.


                hey girl your on migente too? thats koo thank u soo much for the advice! ALL OF YOU!!! when i first wrote that post i didnt really think anybody was going to respond on it (i guess i thought wrong huh?) but just to let you lovley ladies no i took a pregnacy test and it came out negative. but that still duznt assure me. im still having the symptoms. i’v also had my period but just recently i went with my litto kuzin to the hosiptal to get a pregnacy test and the doctor that was helping her said that she had her period for 6 months before she knew for a fact that she was pregnate. she told us thats its very rare but it CAN happen. (just hopefully not to me) well i no wut i have to do to get this all tooken care of but im just scared of wut everyone wuld think of me. but wuteva w.that i no if im ready to be having sex then i should be ready to face the consequences that come *so wish me good luck* kuz i no ima need all da luk i can get! thank you ladies SOOO much for replying to this i greatly appreciate it!

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