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      Im new to this site. Just last night(2/24/07), i took 2 pregnancy tests. They both came out positive!! Im happy..but worried at the same time. Im only 15 years old, the father my boyfriend is 18. He is happy about everything, also. i am going to make an appointment at a clinic to see how far along i am, and what i can do to prepare for him/her. I was wondering if you guys can give me some advice, funny facts, tips,anything like that! I am very stressed out about how i am going to tell my mom…any good ideas…lol

      thank you in advance!:)


        congratulations… i know its hard, and sometime the government and laws dont make it any easier. well i hate to say this, but i guess depending on what state you are in, there is a possiblility he will be on the sex offender list and jailed for some time. you might need to find out about that. i live in michigan, and i know people who that happened to. thats all i know about that. im just suggesting you look into that before you think everything will work out perfectly. good luck hun!!! 🙂


          congrats BUT i agree with lolajessup….u need to find out about that whereas you are only 15, b cuz usually the age of consent (age u can have sex with an adult – someone 18 or older) is 16 and if ur not and ur parents have a problem with u getting preg form the older guy the can get him on statutory rape…..
          here’s a site that i was found that has a chart of the ages for each state
          hop ethis helps…..


            congrats! id recommend helping out a friend or family member who has a baby. its quite a shock when the little one comes along and i found because i had helped friends with kids i wasnt completely clueless lol. plus talk to your mom lots too. moms always have good advice!

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