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      well okay i took a pregnancy test but it was negative and i’ve vaginal bleeding it was just as long as my period but in a slightly different color! but it wasn’t like my period. i had sex for the first time two months ago using the "pull out" method we’vedone it alot since then and i think his pre-ejaculation got me pregnant but i’m not sure when i can kinda feel alittle heart beat but i’m not sure ifa woman can feel the baby’s heart and i’ve been nausea but only thrown up a few times and and my breast have gotten so much bigger and they hurt so bad it hurts just to barely rub by the nipple. The area around my nipple is larger and alot darker than normal.
      can someone please help me did i take the test wrong or something?
      is it possilbe that there wasn’t enough urine on the test for a right result?


        hi, i also keep taking tests and they come up negantive but i know im pregnant..im going for an ultrasound in 2days only because its the easiest way to find out if im pregnant 100% sometimes negative means just that but alot of the time it means there may not be enuff horemones showing up so the test cannpt get a proper read..best bet is to go to the doctors and get an ultrasound or blood test…good luck,daniella ps:let me know whet happens ok and you can email me anytime you need to.


          go get a blood test

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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