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      I am definitley NOT pregnant, I am on and IUD and we use a condom most of the time anyways PLUS I get my period regularly every month so theres that. BUT I always get the weirdest sensation of a baby moving in my stomach, its so weird, I’ll actually feel my stomach to see if I can feel it again but of course I can’t…It’s like a phantom baby or something, makes me freak lol…Now I know it is normal to feel that immediatley after giving birth but COME ON my son is 15 months, I think it’s a little late for that..SO does anyone else have this weird feeling??


        yea i do occasionally its so random and weird, ive only been getting it every now and then , say once every couple of months for about the last year, and my son is nearly 2, im definitly not pregnant either…

        it kinda freaks me out when i get it but i usually just dissmiss it for gas lol coz i have no idea what it could be.


          Do you think it might be gas? If you can’t figure out what it is you might want to go to the doctor just to put your mind to rest. 🙂


            [b]i notice this too and i have 2 kids aged 4 and 21mths.
            Its almost like flutters or Pops.. it is weird.[/b]


              Yes, I still get it and my kids are much older. The first few times it happenend, I really thought that the doctors left a baby in there! :laugh:


                haha that’s so funny, it’s like our bellies are always reminding us that we had a baby in there. that’s neat that you guys all feel it, I’ve only ever heard of it right after you have the baby so that’s interesting to hear you guys have it too…Yeah, I have gone to the doctor getting a million pregnanacy tests and shes always like “Nooooo, you’re not pregnant” LOL, she says its just gas! LOL I’m such a freak!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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