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      Ok, I see all of these girls saying OMG I’m pregnant but I have to have an abortion becuase…..
      Why is it that if you know you’re going to have to have an abortion or think you will that you aren’t more careful? I don’t get it. Abortions are so devistating to everyone involved and what’s the purpose of creating a precious life and then decided that it’s you’re right to end it?
      Please explain?! Abortion is not the best option, there are adoption agencies out there for a reason. That reason is for teen or single moms who aren’t ready to give the baby that they brought into existance a life. They give children to the people who cannot have children of their own.


        Sometimes we, as teenagers, don’t see the consequences of sex. We don’t ever think it could happen to us. It could to the girl who’s our age who lives across the street, but not us.

        Now those girls who know the consequences yet are careless… I do agree that that is immaturity. They don’t understand that there is a little human being, a life, growing inside of them day by day, week by week, even hour by hour. Mine wasn’t necessarily an accident, either. We didn’t think it could happen. But I stood up for my baby’s life and am so happy that I did.

        Abortion is the wrong option. It is just society failing women. The women who go around saying “Oh, if you make it illegal, it violates my rights as a woman.” But no. What about the baby who doesn’t have a say in anything? Why is it that when you murder a pregnant woman it is two counts of murder? That’s what it is. It’s murder. I am very strong on the fact that I want abortion to be made illegalized. They take these women in their most vulnerable stages and trick them into thinking everything will go back to normal.

        I’m done ranting… haha.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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