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      After I fount oud that I was pregnant I had decided, with my husband, that we were going to keep our baby. Now, after 12 weeks of pregnancy my sisters jump me with all of this negatvie crap. They were telling me that I do not pay attention to my surroundings, and that I wouldnt be able to notice if there was something wrong with my baby. That I am not fit to be a mother. They even told me that I was like our mother, which is NO compliment. My mother doesnt realize that she is a mother. She does not take on the responsibility of being a mother. She lets us do whatever, whenever. So, I got seriously offended. Now, I dont know if I can do this. What if I cant? What if they are right? What if I let something bad happen to my child? What will I do? Please, someone help. I am so lost and confused.


        The only way they will be right is if you let them. Everyone will ALWAYS have their negitive things to say about you. I get my share too. Be the best you can be, you can do it. Be a better mother then your mom was to you.


          Hey, I get the same things, but I’ve found in my situation,that it’s their way of dealing with this sudden news. Some people just don’t realize how much you change in the nine months. I agree with clwbabyboy, use this to be an inspiration to fight harder for yourself and your baby. As long as you and your husband provide for you baby and do everything in your power to raise a happy healthy person, thats all that anyone can ask. No parent is perfect, we’re all going to make mistakes, but having a mother that you don’t want to be like will help, at least it gives you a better idea of what not to do. Even first time mothers who had planned to have kids for a long time doubt themselves, it’s all part of the growing process. Look at us- we didn’t have perfect parents but we turned out ok! If you didn’t already care and love your baby, you wouldn’t have felt so offended. It’s not fair for your sisters to say anything becuase they have no idea what kind of mother you’ll be until the baby is born. Anyway, just my thoughts!


            My advice is to stop worrying. No matter how hard you try I think you can’t really feel "prepared" to be a parent. No matter who you are. Take life as it comes. You will learn as yo go. Your baby is going to love you no matter how prepared you are or not. Enjoy this time while you are waiting for your little bundle of joy. And turn off the sound when your sister says negative things. 🙂


              Yeah, you get that as a mother….I honestly don’t even think it’s just the young ones….ALL mothers get negative crp put on them all the time.
              You just learn to let it blow past your ears and far far away. They’re just being mean and silly and ignorant, honestly.
              I know they’ve obviously figured which button to push to hurt you, but you’re right in what you called it: it’s just cr*p. Best you can do is ignore it.


                I agree with everything Winterishrain said. I could not have said it better myself.


                  The fact that you care to ask the questions you’re asking means that you care enough to be a good mom. Don’t stress it. You’re only worried because you want to do your best. I’m confident that you’ll be a great mother.


                    Don’t listen to them. They shouldnt be putting you down at this time.
                    Obviously they need to take a step back and shut up.
                    A mother has instincts and they’ll kick in when u have the baby. Its still early.

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