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      So I can’t get into my doctors until next week! I think I might go insane before then! I took two more HPTs, and there was a very faint line on the first one, but nothing on the second.
      My cramps have subsided. They came for a while, but then went away. I was totally nausea free until about 1:30 this afternoon, ever since, I have felt soo icky!!!!
      My tummy has gotten the slightest bit bigger than I remember, and it isn’t as squishy as it was. Now it feels tougher. Even when I am sitting, it usually just kind of jiggles, LOL, sounds nice i know!! HAHA
      My boobs ache every so often, they are veiny, and my nipples are almost constantly erect.

      What am I supposed to think when I have these symptoms that I have never had before?!
      Oh well, only another week until I get the REAL truth!!!!!!!!!!

      SEND ME BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        I had the same symptoms and I had only been on the pill for about a week too. When I took a test I got a faint positive result too. I waited a couple of weeks and the positive was darker. Wait a little while and test again if you can’t get to the doctors. Good luck!


        my little secrets

          HUN TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST….i had all of thos signs when i WAS pregnant. good luck and keep me updated:)!!!!!


            even a faint line means post but your best bet is the doc. but it sounds like its post+ so if so congrats n keep me posted mommy6


              almost always a faint line means u ARE preg…

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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