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      My last period was october 12-19th.
      My cycles are about 25 days…
      so if i concived..it would be around the 23rd

      I had sex the 20th and 23rd and the 24th…all unprotected.

      Im not on any birth control either…i would be but i cant…long story…

      my period is due around the 6th. Im hoping it comes. I dont think i baby would be the best thing for me right now.

      it would way to early to tell any symptoms or anything…correct me if im wrong.

      (just fyi…i wasnt tryin to get PG whatsoever. I have just been so busy and forgot about plan B..)


        if you cant use protection and you also know your cycle. Dnt have sex when you are ovulating.


          obvisouly i didnt realize i was ovulating at the time…
          or else i would of not had sex.


            Darling you should have been more careful if you didn’t want to get pregnant.Having sex on your ovulation time isn’t the only time you can conceive.Remeber sperm can live up to 5 days…sorry darling but you brought this on yourself…resposibiliyl is key. While there is a big chance you are pregnant you have a 3/4 chance your not so my advice is to cross your fingers and your legs for the mean time. x


              im not gonna tell u that u shouldve known better cuz u obviously know that, im just gonna say that if u are preggers dont get an abortion because if ur old enough to open ur legs ur old enough to take care of a baby…k…


                I would never even consier having an abortion.


                  that’s good…just remember we are all here for similar reasons, unexpected pregnancies, abortions and support…so if u need to talk im here…im 18, graduated early in jan of this yr (2007), have a 5month old baby boy, married, and a stay at home mom…


                    I just want to say that I have had two unplanned unexpected pregnancies and I know it is a scary thing to face..have you taken a test yet?? there are certain brands that pick up on the HcG hormone earlier than others and if you are expecting your period in 4 days it might be able to pick up on pregnancy hormones if you are, how about doing me a favor…call this number 1-800-395-HELP Optionline will connect you with the closest place to get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test and you wont have to find out alone, your boyfriend could even go with you and that way whether you are pregnant or not you have someone who knows alot about pregnancy to talk to face to face and if you are pregnant they might even be able to help you find a good way to tell your parents…I am pregnant, this time I am married and my husband and I planned this little gift but we still went to a pregnancy center to confirm the baby so I can get on Medical…they were so nice and gave us soooo much information about resources in the area and they gave me prenatal vitamins for free and offered us a cute little hat with matching booties…call the number and go where they tell you to, take the test and let us know what the results are…just take it one step at a time…you can’t go back and change things but you can stop right now in this moment and make new choices…if you are not ready for a baby then honestly…you should really not be having sex right now…I had to learn the hard way twice, when I was pregnant with my son I made the choice to remain abstinent until my wedding night, and I did…If you are not pregnant then this could be a great opportunity for a fresh start..maybe you are not a virgin anymore but you can claim your second virginity and make the same choice I did…it was so worth it too…you can still make that choice even if you are pregnant…plus it will be a great way to find out how much your boyfriend loves you…will he wait for marriage?? Put him to the test…you deserve it and your future kids do too…my kids have a rough road, they have different dads and only my son sees his real dad, on those weekends Pennielane feels so left out…just some things to think about…Love Meg, I am always here to talk… meg@standupgirl.com


                      im going to wait and see if my period comes.
                      If not..im going to take a test.

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