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      Well I was on here a couple of months ago with a pregnancy scare. Now it isn’t a scare. I am confirming it once more tomorrow morning. I took a test this morning while convincing myself that my period was so late because of stress. Trust me, I had no idea I would see two lines I mean I have never seen two lines of a pregnancy test of my own. Who knew two little lines could be so scary, could change everything. I took birth control, I even used condoms. How could this have happened? I took the test today too see that it was negative so my period would come. Now I guess I just need some reassurance and some advice and please feel free. I do not know what to do, my boyfriend is not supportive at all and he said he doesn’t want me or “that thing” that is what he referred to our baby as. It takes two to tango! I am 16 on June 17. I am really scared, I feel like what if I can’t do this. Or if I have to drop out of school and fail. What if he isn’t Mr.right and when Mr.right comes along he doesn’t want me because he thinks I was a 16 year old slut and who now has a little kid. What if he wanted too start a family with someone who had never experienced that before. Will I be able to take my baby too term healthy like an adult would? Will I be able to breast feed my baby? Sorry guys, just when it comes down too it the only people that can help me right now is all of you girls.


        Hey you, I just wanted to come along side you and encourage you that this will work out!! I hear your heart breaking and I know you are scared, it is ok to be afraid and it is ok to be hurt and upset, however you just need to slow down and take a deep breath and take some you time…I know your fears about not finding a Mr.Right who would want you with a child from someone else…When I met my husband I had two kids from two dads, he is the most wonderful man and he loves my kids just as his own, you are young, you messed up, you put your trust in birth control and you have learned a very difficult lesson, your hope is not gone though, you are not a lost cause, your body should be perfectly able to carry a baby unless you have hereditary issues that have been passed to you but my sister was 15 when she gave birth to my first nephew, I know so many people who have had children at a young age, you should be just fine sweetie…it will not be easy but it will be worth it, we are all here for you so just hang in there…I am always here…Love Meg


          Thank you so much Meg, that really made me feel better. I emailed my mom as I do not live with her and she is being VERY supportive! That helps out even more. Thank you for responding so fast. I feel like this will work, I still can not believe it. It doesn’t even feel like I am pregnant. Thank you for your time :)Oh and I took two tests again this morning and both lines were there. Wow I’m going to be a mom!:S


            I am so happy for you and I am proud of you for being mature enough to be responsible for your actions, Like I said there will be good days and bad days but I hope that on the bad days you will take your hands and rub them on your tummy and know that this is worth it!! I am glad that your mom is being supportive, do you not live with her??


              Ha funny you say that, I have already been doing that when things get bad!
              No I do not, she lives in another town. I came to live with my dad and met my boyfriend. My dad was in jail most of my life so I wanted too try it out with him. Girls are usually daddys girls, and I was one of them 😛
              I feel way better now

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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