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      Like 20min. ago I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive, i’m not sure how far along I would be but i’m freaking out. I’m only 17, and my boyfriends happy for me, i know i want to keep it, but i’m not sure what to do now i’m scared! I don’t know how to tell my mom, i’m afraid she’ll hate me, or something. I don’t want to tell her for awhile, but when’s the right moment? never!
      please helppppp!


        fist of congrats ano it dunt seem the ryt thing to sey but trust me it is ur ryt there never is a ryt tym but u need to tell her as u need to c a midwyf etc n tht u cud ty by levinher a letter or just siitiin dwn talkin to her she may freak at first but she will cum round she may b happy stret away u never no just tell her as soon as possible the sooner the beter my aunty foud out bout me n told ma mum n ma mum was mor upset tht i dint tell her then tht i waspregers wb xxxxxxxxxx


          I think if you confide in her as a friend asking for support rather than a daughter that needs punishing she will be more willing to help you. The sooner you do it the better because she can help you with insurance and give you advice that no one else can give you. Not only that, but if you wait you are more likely to make her angry from hiding it from her. I mean, if my daughter got pregnant at a young age (she’s only three now lol) but if she hid it from me I would feel hurt that she felt she had to keep the most important thing in her life from me. When I went to my mom at 15, crying, and telling her that I had just taken a pregnancy test that came out positive she had a really supportive reaction and wanted to help me through it. That’s just an idea though. Good luck!


            Hi. When I found out I was pregnant I had no clue what I was going to do. I thought about not telling my mom at all, and I realised that I had to tell her. Luckily for me I am 18, and not 17 and I dont live with my parents anymore. So, when I told her I said it while holding on to the my car door; just in case. Well, what I would do is tel her sooner than later. My mom used to tell me that she would rather know things from the start and not later. WHat is your mom like? How do you think she will react? If you ever need to talk.. I am here..


              Thankyou so much for all the help, and replies. She’s very understanding, but she’s always gave me crap like I hope you don’t get pregnant and stuff. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year, so it’s not that part. And she has told me she may not like what she hears but she’d rather hear it from me, I’m just nervous. I feel like I need time to let it sink in even for myself. I’m nervous, i know i need to see a doctor and my sister is going to take me. I just don’t know what to expect for the next 9 months, 🙁 I am excited in a way though and so is my boyfriend. I don’t think my parents will be though.


                I don’t know if this will help at all, but I’m 16 right now (turning 17 next month) and I just had my baby boy. I found out I was pregnant at a hospital that was an hour away from my house with the only people there with me being cops and a social worker. I didn’t even get the chance to think about how to tell my mom because the cops called her and told her. So telling your mom yourself is probably better than that. When I had to tell my dad (my parents are divorced, so he didn’t know right away) I ended up sending him a text message starting with saying "I have to tell you something" but he called afterwards and we talked about it a little. He was really upset and wouldn’t even look at my boyfriend (the baby’s dad)until just recently. He even came up to the hospital after the baby was born and had a conversation with my boyfriend and congratulated him. We were probably most nervous about telling my boyfriend’s parents but even that turned out okay. My boyfriend told his mom when she was driving him to work one day, and his dad found out from word of mouth, but waited to say anything to us till we told him. And to make an extremely long and boring story short…it turned out much better than we expected. Everyone eventually came around and accepted this reality and by the end of my pregnancy everyone was excited and couldn’t wait for him to be born. I’m sure that once the initial shock and everything wears off that everything will be fine and good things will come out of it.

                By the way, my mom gave me crap about getting pregnant too. And she had just recently found out I wasn’t a virgin before she found out I was pregnant.


                  Wow that is crazy…thankyou for the advice. So they all began to accept it? I know my mom will come around after awhile. It’s just telling her is the scary part. I’ve decided I’m going to write her a letter explaining everything, because it’s much easier to get everything out before hand. I know it’s the childish way out, but I think she would take it better. What do you think? And I know i do need to tell her soon so I can get to the doctors, tomorrow i’m getting prenatal pills, and an outfil just to keep myself going, I can look at it when i’m feeling low. I know what you mean about finding out by word of mouth, because our town is soooo small you can’t barely tell your best friends without being worried. Well hopefully you write back thankyou again. btw how is your little boy doing?


                    they all excepted it pretty well when i was pregnant and any doubts anyone had went away right after he was born. writing a letter is actually a really good idea, because then you can say everything you need to without having to worry about fighting with your mom or anything like that. that’s how i was going to tell my mom if i would have had the chance to. lol. small towns suck for keeping secrets. 😛 my son is doing really well. he’s 8 days old today. so i’ve survived his first week. lol. good luck telling your mom. let me know how everything goes. 🙂


                      Well I know I will be a great mom, and i am excited that i’m creating something you know? I’ve decided i’m going to tell my mom the day after tomorrow in the letter. I would tell her tomorrow but she has this huge important meeting that she’s nervous about, and i don’t want to worry her about it and be upset because it’s really important to her. I hope though that I still have the courage. I just know that I need to get into the doctors soon.


                        The next nine months will be full of nervousness, being scared, and excitement. It’s normal for any mother. The sooner you tell your mom the sooner you can start a support system and, after I told my mom, it was nice to have someone to talk about it all with who has been there, and she keeps it really positive and we talk about all the fun things about being pregnant and having kids, so it’s nice to hae someone to share the excitement with who really understands.
                        Good luck!


                          Thank you for the reassurment :cheer:


                            Think of it this way, the sooner you tell her, the sooner you will get prenatal care. You want to get that asap. Its healthy for you and the baby. have you told her yet?


                              Actually we just talked about it yesturday and today, so she knows….and the funny thing she’s not mad, upset and blamed it on herself, but she said she thinks ill be a good mom. So i should be going to the doctors soon. So how far along do you have to be to tell the sex of the baby?


                                i think somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks is the most accurate time to find out the sex…i found out at about 22 weeks…let me know how everything’s going!

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