Oh God. :(

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      I literally just took a pregnancy test.
      The one I took on wed LOOKED negative, but i stared at it for god knows how long, and saw a very very faint positive.

      I’m gonna look at the test.

      . . . Big fat freakin positive.

      And We’ve now gotten to the point where he wants me to have an abortion, and I’d rather put the baby up for adoption.

      I have a feeling this is only the start down a path of destruction.
      And I need some help.


        Two wrongs don’t make a right…remember that…your boyfriend is not putting his health at risk by having an abortion, you are…he will not be emotionally affected the way you will be…You can make it through this, I have and so many others as well, please just take sometime without him, take some deep breaths, read some adoption testimonials, loveschoice.com ,read the facts about abortion, what the process is, what your risks are, read many stories on here from girls who have kept their babies against all odds, there are tons of resources out there, no matter what do not make a hasty decision out of fear, the only thing to fear is fear itself, I along with so many others are here for you, just take a time out and research your every option, what is best for you and baby, your boyfriend will not be the one to carry the burden of abortion, in reality would you rather be stuck carrying the burden of a baby as a single mom with all the resources out there or would you rather loose your baby and then your boyfriend and have to carry that burden on your shoulders with nothing to show for it…at the end of the day you can know that your baby is with a family that chose him/her and wants nothing but to love him/her and give him/her the world or you can brush your hand across the cheek of a precious sleeping baby who adores and needs you more than anyone ever could, there is nothing in comparison to having a child that was created in your own body look at you and say " I love you mommy" No matter what you look like, no matter what you have done right or wrong…your child will love you unconditionally and it will be a reflection of the love that you are unable to understand that you have for him/her….take a time out and make sure that you do what is in your and the baby’s best interest..let your boyfriend deal with his own issues if he wants to be a coward, you can do this…Love Meg, meg@standupgirl.com ,I am here and I know how you feel…


          cant you keep the baby and not listen to the b/f. Its your choice.


            I dont think I’d ever do something that messed up to someone. I would never ever bring a child into this world against someones wishes. Like everyone says, it takes two people to make a baby. Yes I’m the female, and I’m the one carrying the baby, and it’s my body. . .
            But it’s also Half of him. He has just as much say in what happens to it as I do.
            Besides, even if I decided to keep it and "not listen",
            I want my children to have a loving father.

            Who actually wanted them in the first place.


              In my experience, men, at first, are really opposed to the thought of a child. It is just as much a shock to them as it is to you! He might just need some time right now to process things. After the initial shock wears off he might feel dramatically different. He might change his mind completely.

              One of my friends decided to parent her child even though the baby’s father wanted her to get an abortion. He was in the delivery room with her when she gave birth and he thanked her for giving birth to their son! He did a 180 once he saw his child and got to hold him in his arms.

              People change their minds all the time. Just because this is the way your boyfriend feels right now, that does not mean he will feel the same 9 months from now.

              Regardless, your baby already has a mother who loves him or her. Keep your chin up!


                Abortion sounds like a simple solution, but it’s really not. I haven’t met one girl on this site that has had an abortion and DOESN’T regret it. This child is you and your boyfriend’s flesh and blood. If you don’t feel like you can take on the responsiblity, put the baby up for adoption. But don’t abort the baby before you think about what it will do to your self esteem and emotional wellbeing, and what you are doing to your own child.

                princess Angela

                  Remember It’s YOUR body, YOUR choice,
                  Dont let him pressure you into something you would rather not do his not the one that has to deal with the pain and hurt of aborting a child… take it from someone who has done it before… This time i choose to keep him an it was the best thing i have done… ive never felt so much love for someone ….



                    hi, I know the feeling about the father. But at the end, you have to make a decision you can live with, becuase as a mother you will be paying the price. Mine won’t have a father either, but then i remind myself that it will have a grandma, grandpa, two aunts, two uncles, and lots of adopted aunts and uncles, (my freinds) who will surround them with love and goodness to the best of their ability, and I know that this child will not be lacking in the love department. Will the dad questions be hard? yes.but if you go about them with compassion, truthfulness and love, it will work out.


                      if he loves you he wont make u do anything u dont wanna

                      its YOUR baby and YOUR body and if u dont want to terminate dont.. ive never had an abortion but i know girls who have without truly wanting to and trust me u dont wanna be in their shoes …

                      have a really long hard think before making any decisions…

                      becoming a mom is the best decision i ever made its so fulfilling

                      keep in touch



                        hun i was forced into abortion a couple of years ago wen i didnt want one, but my partner did. i know`sometimes it seems like an easy option like everything will be back to normal when its done, its really not. having one has literally destroyed my life. it is your body and your the one who will suffer afterwards physically and mentally. i urge you to trust your own insticts and dont let him bully u into it. stay strong hun πŸ™‚
                        if u need to chat feel free to mail me


                          I almost aborted my daughter. She is now almost 15! I am so glad I didn’t. Her dad didn’t want me to keep her, neither did his mom. It wasn’t easy, but I had to come to a place where I had to choose what was best for ME and for HER.

                          I was really scared. I didn’t htink I could be a mom. I was also going to give her up for adoption, but in the end, decided not to.

                          Your boyfriend may or may not stick around. That’s a sad reality. So if you were to think about him not being in the picture, would you even ever consider abortion? I’m proud of you for realizing that you have other, better options.

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