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      :ermm: i was wondering what are the odds of having most signs of pregnancy and not being pregnant? :ermm:


        ok maybe i should have been more pafic on what i meant by some symptoms.i’ve been going to the bathroom twice as much(if not more)than normal,always craving sumthing,being more tired,and gaining wait(i have never been able to gain wait before only lose it so it’s really strange for me)


          i’m sorry but i kinda forgot one on that list.my boobs are really sore and i went from an a cup to a b cup in a couple of weeks.


            ok i haven’t had my period in 2 months now. please sum one i really need sum advice.


              Those definitely sound like they could be pregnancy symptoms. You should take a pregnancy test or go to a clinic to determine if you are pregnant.


                i’m not gonna lie. i’m not very good at sugar coating things either.

                TAKE A TEST.

                thats the only advice anyone can give you. if ur not pregnant, you should see ur doctor. i went on the pill because i was not getting my period and i when i was, i couldn’t walk for the first day my cramps were so horrible.


                  Have you had a test yet? Have a test to put your mind at ease. Did you know that stressing out about stuff can make your period late and can even make you skip a period. It is your bodies way of saying ‘whoo back, i’m feeling a bit overwhelmed here’.

                  In regards to all of the other ‘symptons’ I think you may be feeling these symptons out of the thought of being pregnant. The mind can do some pretty amazing stuff.

                  My advice is to chill out, try not to stress to much, take a test and see what happens. If the test comes back negative then you can stop worrying which will (i’m sure) let your body relax and get back to normal.


                    well i took a test and it was positive.



                      Congratulations. When did you find out? Have you told your boyfriend and/or family yet? How did they react? Hope all is going well.



                        B) Well i found out a couple of weeks ago that IT’S A BOY!


                          :cheer: congrats, its a boy

                        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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