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      I was looking at my daughter yesterday who was giving me a rather cheeky grin while ripping up the junk-mail and an odd thought came into my head. My egg could have not been used…i could have had a period like any other month and she would never have existed. It seemed strange to me to realise the potential life of a simple egg like that. Strange knowing thats all she was once, and now she is a rather active 8 month old.


        I sometimes wonder off in thought about the same kind of stuff, it is kind of strange looking at our kids and stopping long enough to realize that they came out of our bodies and were formed from hardly anything, life and birth is truly a mysterious miracle…we used to be that one egg in our mothers ovary, that just blows my mind, it’s one thing looking at our kids and thinking that but to look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself that way just about makes you dizzy…It is a good reminder that not one single person on the face of this earth (even those in the womb currently) was just a "mistake", we are not here by chance or accident, we were selected and chosen even those who were brought forth by rape or tough circumstances, if not then we would not be here, the act of conception is so hard to achieve…others like myself who seem to be baby machines may disagree but really the chances of that one sperm meeting that one egg on the right day at the right time and safely implanting and carrying to full term is not a likely thing to happen, God has made each one of us for a specific reason, even the babyies in our wombs right now, He has a plan and a purpose for us and them and it may be hard to see that on a bad day or in extremely difficult circumstances but the "odd thought" that inspired this post is what we need to focus on…our children are gifts, made from practically nothing yet they look like us and bring us so much joy, how could this little "egg" be capable of that on it’s own?? Well it is not just the sperm that completes the transition from egg to baby, it is the Hand of the Creator Himself,He is the One who Gives life and creates that adorable personality, He is the One who gives her that cheeky grin and that indescribable giggle, He is the One who gives the dreams we have and the drive to do something with our lives, that is not found in an egg or a sperm, those are just the genetic physical blueprints….the inner person, the soul is given from God and we ought to stop a moment, thank Him and give it right back to Him for all the blessings that have been poured out on us, Thank you for sharing your thought and helping me to remember that we are all here by purpose, not by chance or mistake, it is a good reminder in a tough season of life…Love Meg


          I think about that too! Kind of like, just wonder in awe at how this little person came out of me, how he actually LIVED inside my belly for nine months, and that it was a pure miracle that he even came to be. God has plans for us, girl, he knew we were meant to be mothers. And it’s so awesome already, isn’t it??

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