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      ok yesterday was supose to be my period if last month was just a really long one. today its nothing again. we are teling our parents tuesday and i just want to kno0w what to expect and what happend when yal told yal parents?? and also in the state of flordiA can i press charges agains my mom since i know she is gonna try and hit me. Also i want to know how this is gonna change my life . i know its gonna be though but instead of the negative stories where are the sucessful one

      also this is my boyfriend we have a very tight and strong relason ship i’m just worried that becuase of this baby it will fall apart what should i do. we’ve been best friend for a bout 6 motnhs and we’ve been together for 4.


        Okay i really didnt tell my parents my mom she kinda new i was but she asked if i was my mom said its my choice to keep the baby and i did we started going shopping for baby stuff i dnt kno any thing about my babydaddy though im only 16 hes 18 and no i dnt think you can press charges on your mom but i heard about this program for teen moms they give you ur own apartment for free but i think you should keep the baby if you are prego cause you will regret it and if u get a abortion u will not like check it out on youtube ur parents cant make u get a abortion they are not aloud to i have a baby boy he 2months and 1week old


          my parents flipped and my step-dad tried to kick me out of the house when I got pregnant four years ago. But when I got pregnant this time…I had already been moved out.


            well if you are have faith and you can get through it

            June 3rd

              I’m just going to tell what happen to me when I found out that I was pregnant and what happen to me and what I was going through when I thought I was pregnant. At the time I was not dating my boyfriend when I found out that I was pregnant so I was really worried how he was going to ack when I told him I thought I was pregnant. I have been knowing him for 17 years but I just kept on thinking that he was going to say well that’s your problem and never talk to me ever agian but he didn’t. We are now dating but all we do is fight. I’m sure your boyfriend and you are going to have your ups and downs but just think that it is going to make you stronger. When I told my mom it was really bad. She called me every name in the book and she told me she doesn’t want anything to do with me and the baby and I’m on my own. If your parents are going to ack like my mom did or worst just think well you know what I’m starting my own family now and I will be the best mom ever. I always tell myself I will be a better mom than my mom was and even if my boyfriend don’t work out in the end than that’s okay because he gave me my little angel and no matter what happens I have someone to love for and care for and that’s the best feeling ever. Everything will work in the end. Belive I know it doesn’t seem like it will but belive it will. I am going through alot right now but I just keep on telling myself everything will be fine.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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