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      Hey, I’m not to sure but I think I am pregnant. My last period was december27/06, I have been really distracted, headache’s, A LOT OF PEEING, low sex drive, no energy, my breast are a little sensative, moodswings and really tired! I have a 3year old son but I didn’t really have any symtomswhen I was pregnant with him. My husband and I were kinda trying and are hoping that I am. Some feed back would be nice I’m not to sure what to think I am trying not to get my hopes up right now….


        Well hun if u havent had a period in two mos i would suggest testing..I have a baby girl that will be 2 may 25th and a 3 mos old son and your having all the syptoms i had but i didnt really have any of them till after i had + pg tests. good luck and keep me updated!


          Take a test. If it has been that long since you got a period it is something you should look into. Soon so you can start your prenatal care, ok? Good luck!


            Thankyou but bads news. I wen’t to my doctor and I’m not pregnant, she said I have to come back and see her for meds to help us get pregnant. I don’t understand we got pregnant so easy and fast with our son and he is now 3years old. Does this happen to a lot of weman?:(:unsure:


              sounds like pregnancy to me because i had those symptoms when i got pregnant but to be sure take a preg.test 🙂


                I have a three year old too and my husand and i have been trying for an other one but its been dificult too.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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