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      im 15 and last year i thought i had met the man of my dreams. he was 17 and his aunty ran the horse trekking company i always went on. he stole my number from the trekking books and things took off. we had soo much in common he was a farm boy and broke in horses for a living and was a builder. and our weekends were always spent racing around the farm on our horses. two days ago he left me, saying he didn’t want a girlfriend. i have been numb since and yesterday i went to the beach and he was there breaking in a young horse i went over to talk to him but ended up breakking down. once home i kept thinking about it and couldnt sleep so i ran the half an hour walk to my paddocks and just stayed with my horse for the night. now heres the thing. i had unprotected sex with him and the last time we did i got my period the next day it was only light which is strange for me and has lasted 8 days stopping yesterday. i have been feeling nausesous and sick but this might be from the breakup. is it possible for me to get pregnant and have my period the next day. it is to early to take a test but i no nothing about fertility peak times so i need advice. :dry:


        It’s pretty doubtful if you had an eight-day period that you’re pregnant. You should wait until your next expected period and take a test if you miss it. As for the guy, I hate to say it because you’ll be told this again and again, but you’re so young and it won’t be the last time your heart is broken. Let yourself feel the hurt, but don’t get bogged down by it if you can help it. Do what 15-year-olds do best, live life care free, laugh with friends, study, dance, eat junk food, and dream big!


          Well, generally conception (meaning, sperm entering egg) doesn’t occur until hours after pregnancy, sometimes DAYS. After that, it would be between six and fifteen days until the embryo implanted, which may or may not cause light bleeding. If you had a full-on period the day after sex, that was heavy or lasted eight days, chances are, you’re not pregnant. You actually lose the uterine lining several days after the egg is expelled (yes, the egg is expelled from the body if you don’t get pregnant, because you don’t need it, so it goes out the same way your period does), so you probably didn’t have an egg waiting to be fertilized, and it would be some time after the end of the period that another one would be released. Don’t worry. Wait until the time comes for your next period, and if you miss it, take a pregnancy test. Whatever you do, don’t stress out. It’s bad for your health, and if you’re prego, it’s bad for the baby, too.

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