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      Hi, im 15 and just had sex with my boyfriend 3 nights ago..Im not sure if he pulled out and he wasnt sure either but we didnt really worry about it. 2 nights ago we had unprotected sex again and he came in me for sure…The next morning I took Next Choice. I dont know if its too early to tell, but I really feel like the Next Choice didnt work because I didnt take it soon enough? Im not sure what to do..If I take a pregnancy test this sunday will it be accurate? Any advice?…


        It will not be accurate at all. You have to wait at least one week till after your missed period. It’s way to soon to tell anything. Get put on birthcontrol or use condoms if you don’t want to end up with a baby hun. But you’ll have to wait like a month before a test can tell you anything.


          Hey Torie1227,
          I would recommend you wait a few more weeks to take another HPT. If it comes up positive, go to your doctor for prenatal care. 🙂


            Sperm stays inside of you for at least ten days.So,if you were ovulating chances are you are pregnant.But,it’s to soon to tell….Until your missed period.Don’t stress to much or don’t eat unhealthy that can cause you to not have your period or maybe even working out a lot.If your period is regular and you track your period and it doesn’t come consult a doctor and make sure you confront your boyfriend about this too.If not,then I’m sure he’ll be pissed.I’m 8 weeks and 5 days and I’m 14.Lol :)But my advice to you is that wait until your missed period.Pregnancy tests aren’t always accurate so take a blood test.They tell you everything….And take a pee test and a cheek swab so you can know if you have any stds.It will be good for you.Boys will lie and say they don’t have anything.It’s good to know.Never hurts to ask a good question that can probably save you’re life,right? 😛

            Sincerely,Rae <3


              I just had this situation happen to me… I’ll just keep looking at the replys for help and advice. Thank you! :dry:


                Wait until after you miss your period if you do and if the test is negative, test again in a week but if you still don’t have a period after that week go to the doctor’s for some blood work. There is a good chance you could be pregnant, and it also depends how many times you have taken the plan B pill (as I am assuming that’s what Next Choice is). Update us when you can and good luck! I was 14 when I got pregnant with my first child!

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