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      i think i might be pregnant. before i even missed a period or anything, i just had that feeling, and was starting to get sick, and if i wasn’t sick, i always felt like i was going to be, mostly in the breasts were also very sore and swollen, and thats not usually a period sign for me, i have also been using the restroom a lot more. i took a HPT right away, it said negative. i was later about two weeks late and then i had a very very light and short period. i took another one a lil bit later and it came out positive. and then if i were to have my period it was then again late. same as the other one, short and light. i am still very close to my ex’s mom, and i have kind of talked to her about it. one night i woke up feeling sick, i tried going striaght to the bathroom but kept blacking out and feeling very weak, i blacked out several times before i made it to the bathroom, i never got sick, but instead got a sudden pain, but not like cramps, and then (sorry for the details) had some blot clots and stuff, i was scared and it was a lot, i bleed more that night, and felt very sick. i have spotted randomly since then about three or four nights ago. im scared. im scared to take a test. i know that if i am pregnant i will go through with the pregnancy, i couldn’t let myself have an abortion, and i want a kid, even thought im only 16 and a few months away from my 17th birthday.i know it also wouldn’t bring my ex back into my life anymore than a friend still. i my ex (who is in florida visiting his dad right now) boyfriends mom might be having me take a HPT tomorrow before i go to church with her. im extremely scared. i wish i knew what to think and stuff. my home life isn’t the best but also not the very worst. i still kinda want to be preg. but i also know thats not a very smart thing. i know i could do it though, and if god but me here, he’ll pull me thru it. i just need some help on whether someone thinks i had a miscarriage or was even pregnant.


        hey girl… yes there is a possibilty that you are just take that other test and if it comes out positive then go to the doctors and get it checked out… and i know what you mean im 16 and i have 3 months til im 17 and im pregnant and i know that the father doesnt care, he told me and i know by having this child it wont make things right between us but still…. well let me know how it all goes, ok???


          i took a third one, and it was negative. i have not had another period yet and i am very very bloated and its not like normal bloating and my best friend agrees with me. it more round and lower. i don’t know what to think, except wait?


            I don’t even know what to say that I’m in that stage where I think I may be and I’m still in shock. I have to wait for my boyfriend to be done work so that I can talk to him about it and I’m afraid he’ll flip out on me. I know it’s stupid, but what if he freaks out before we figure it out for sure?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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