Not pregnant, but no period…What could it be?

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      Hey guys. I’m Amber. I’m not sexually active and have never had sex so I am not pregnant. But my period is almost 3 months late. I was really stressed out for the first two months because of school and finals. And I’ve started working out a lot more, but is there anything else that could be causing my period to be so late. They were sometimes irregular, but never this late. If you have any info or advice, please let me know, thank you guys


        Anyone have any ideas on what this may be? 🙁


          It could be stress that throwing you off your regular cycle!


            I think that’s what is was.
            Lol the day after I posted this, I started my period! 🙂


              I had the same problem a couple years back. It could be from the stress and the training you are doing. I started doing gym alot and I also missed my cycle for about three months. You should go see your dr, and maybe ask him to put you on a mild pill to regulate your cycle if this worries you all the time.


                Just know that if you have your Dr. Put you on a mild bc pill that those types of pills are strictly for regulation not to prevent pregnancy, they have a high failure rate, birth control pills or other contraceptives do not prevent pregnancy 100% of the time so it is always better to play it safe and “not play at all”, I know it sounds corny and old fashioned but abstinence was the best thing to ever happen to me after two kids from two dads, I will never regret waiting 2 1/2 years before being with my husband for the first time on our wedding night!!! Love Meg

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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