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      well i need some advice i don’t know if i am or if im not? two weeks ago i noticed the signs: i was late but i thought that my period was skipping a month it didn’t it had came 3 weeks late and too many days too early. so i just ignored it. then i started feeling lightheaded and a bit nausea( sort of llike butterflies, heartburn, and gas);but only in my my abdoman so then i didn’t realize my intake of food which was increasing. now i am eatting in middle of night and all through the day. i go to the restroom 4times just in the morning. and it looks like i am getting a bit pudgy but not a lot. i don’t know are these signs normal for someone who could be 7 weeks?

      thanks a million, gee-gee


        It is possible that you could be pregnant. I found out for sure when I was about 7 weeks pregnant (although I suspected before then). Before that point in the pregnancy I was hungrier and when I needed food I needed it – right now. However it wasn’t long at all before I couldn’t keep anything down and food was pretty repulsive to me. I didn’t gain much weight until recently and I still haven’t gained much weight but my belly is getting bigger.

        It is hard to tell by just symptoms. You should take a test to find out for sure whether you are pregnant or not.


        Mrs. Butterfly

          I am having the same problem. I had my af on October 14, 2005 and today is the 13th. I don’t know if I should get a pregnancy test today or not. My stomach feels really funny. I am more bloated and gasy than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m not sick to my stomach yet, but I feel like some stuck a staw in me and sucked the energy from me. Can anyone give me some advice please.


            hey i am 3 wks pregrent i am not showing yet but i have hade morning sickness eating at night but not keep anything down in the morning and o am light headed and i am very tired and i do not fill good a lot so them are some of my sympotns and i have been to the doctor so i no that i am pregrent


              ok well i took a preg test and the first 1 was + then i took 2 more but they were – so i dont kno rite now i am pissed of at my b-f b/cuz hes happy about the posibility but im not to thrilled about it. first b/cuz i cant have a baby rite now and if i am im gettn an abortion. well i pee alot my breast feel bigger and ive been eating like a pig and feeling really horny then also i have these crazy bad moodswings.

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