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      is it normal to still feel like your feeling your baby kicking inside you even though you gave birth 9 months ago?


        Hi there, I think what you’re refering to is known as “phantom kicking”. Sometimes women experience this when they had a difficult pregnancy… But sometimes its also caused by stress or nerves. If you’re really concerned that it might be something else, then you should speak to your gp… But I dont think that there’s anything that you need to worry about.

        Hope this helped put you at ease a bit


          Um I’m no expert with babies and giving birth but I’m going to say no because that actually generally doesn’t sound right at all…


            when i went to the doctor the other day, i was like is it normal to still feel like your feeling your baby kick even after you had them, and he was like not unless your pregnant! but then he explained how a baby moving also feels like gas, so that was probably what it was. but i have to get a blood test done anyways because I’m going to get the birth control, implenon.

            Ryans Mommy

              I swear i was feeling the same thing, its just because your body is use to feling it


                lol ya, someone told me that it was normal to feel for like a month after the baby was born! but idk lol


                  I felt the same thing, but only for a month or two. I swear I could feel her kicking away inside. It felt so weird, I even watched my belly to see it move, lol. Idk if it’s normal or not but I felt it too! :cheer:

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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