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      i dont think i ever made my mind up properly, i feel like i did all my decisions in such a panic mode and didnt think twice… im turning soo madly insane about my desision on getting the abortion… i dream all the time about the baby i could of had, the growing child i could of had it in my arms, its been getting worse since the 19th of september… thats around the date the baby would of been born… all i can think about is the baby, what it could of all been like. is this normale? i feel like im breaking down… im never fully happy anymore, i feel so fake. :s

      jjs mom

        i understand what you are going through i too had an abortion my baby would of been 9 months now but i didn’t feel i could care for another child, i have a son who is going to be 4 in 3weeks and i’am only 21, but i don’t know how i can really justify keeping one baby and not the other and my son is always asking me for a brother or sister and it tears me up inside that he could of had that but i took it away, that bond that he would have had with his sibling, but i’am ready now and am going to try to have another one. so what i’m saying is try not to be so hard on your self whats done can’t be undone but showing that you have unconditional love for the unborn child you lost, you will make a great mother when you decide you are ready to have a child. god will forgive you but you need to forgive yourself


          this is so normal! im preganant now and im 14 and i am woundering if i should get an abortion or not! but i dont think i should! alot of girls regret getting it and wish they had their baby. you will probably never forget it but soon you will realize that you did it for a good reason.



            it’s to late to change what happen. what you must do now is understand that we all make mistakes in our lives, we cannot change the outcome, but we can definately learn from our mistakes. that is what you need to do learn from it. everything happens for a reason. you must forgive yourself, your only human, we are not perfect, and we all make mistakes. this one was no different. it was just a mistake you made. God will forgive you if you ask him to, so forgive yourself also. dont let the past controll your life. you should move on so you can make the future better for yourself.

            gina lynn


              I know what ur going through. I had an abortion this summer on July 7 and i still remember everything i went through. i was 10 weeks and was ecstatic when i saw my baby on the ultrasound monitor, but i still went through it. i do regret this decision and i would give anything to have my baby still. i went through all sorts of stuff depression the most and i still suffer from it today. it breaks my heart to know what i did but i can’t change what happened already all we can do is move on and hope to become stronger and wise. my experience of being pregnant at 15 and by yourself changed my life forever and it will always be there. And my baby will always be in my heart forever till the day i get to be with him. So keep ur head up and be strong i believe everything happens for a reason so i think this happened for a reason but i won’t know why it did till im older and im pretty sure you will to. Just know that ur baby is watching over you. And youll pull through with the help of your friends, family, and this website so keep on keeping ur head up and just be there for yourself too…



                No, there is no turning back now. I am sorry that you got an Abortion. I’m not sure fully why you decided to do so. Probably none of my business, but I do think you should get out- enjoy life and remember that there are many more days. I’ve been saying: "God will only give you what you can handle", and although I am not religious, go to church or anything- my mom says that… we just believe in that, I guess… Smile. I wish you the best…


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                  dont worry girl, i know what u r excatly going through,

                  ive got depression aswell but i like to call it pass (post abortive stress syndrome)

                  take care and keep smiling i finally have and mine was 4weeks ago

                  if u ever need to talk please email me and ill be very happy to talk about what u r going through


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