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      you may or may not have seen my other post.
      I’m 17 and just found out i’m pregnant. At first i was really upset, because i’m young…and my boyfriend was too. But we love eachother alot and were intending to move out in a few months anyways. After some long talks we realized how much we want this baby.:kiss: We know that we’re going to love this child no matter what, and give them everything.

      But there’s no websites, family members, or books to help us out…everything online is abortion! adoption! prevent teen pregnancy! etc. etc. And we havent told our families yet. (i come from an abusive home and am afraid they’ll try to hurt me AND my baby) and all the books we’ve found are aimed at older, more stable couples.


      thank you soo sooo much!


        Hey this is April. I talked to you via email. I’m glad to see you posted. Let me know what you find out.


          if u are truely scared for u and ur babies life u can try going to ur local athorities and have a police officer or social worker go with u to tell ur parents…
          so i thought i’d also tell u a little about myself since we r close in 18, have baby boy who is turning 6months this sunday, and im married..i got preg when i was still 17 and a senior in highschool..but i still graduated early as i planned, i got married to my hubby on the 2nd of feb, moved to new mexico with my hubby, turned 18 in april, and had my baby june 2nd the day all my friends were walking the stage for graduation…i know how it is to have to tell family ur pregnant at a young age but it’s not as bad as u think…BUT i want you to REALLY think about this before you decide to move out before you have this baby because u need to be able to pay rent, bills, buy food and clothing, and all these other things that come with being on ur own, and u have to finish school if u havent yet… staying at home till you are out of school will make things easier…if u need to talk u can email me…


            Being pregnant when you are young is a good thing, it is only our crazy culture that makes you think you are not able to do this. You are able to have your baby and the baby will help you become good parents, by gazing at you and smiling and cooing when you understand what the baby needs. You may need a bit of help with getting a home and if you approach churches or helping agencies they will be pleased to help. However, the person who you need most is your boyfriend, encourage him to look after you, be kind to each other. Let us know how you are getting on.


              thanks so much for the support

              my boyfriend and i found a convenient clinic and resource center, at which we’ve set up an appointment to go talk to some people about housing, etc.

              He’s been my biggest support and lifeline. I think he’s more excited than i am. He’s really looking forward to being a dad =]

              I’d love to know what the experience was like for you; as i have no idea what to expect!!!


                Hi how’s it going.
                Did you get any help with housing?
                You will be surprised at how much stuff you are given when baby comes. My daughter has lots of baby clothes, really nice, some hardly worn and some brand new. People also gave her a pushchair and bouncy chair and even a cot.
                All the best

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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