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      Everyone is puking, moody, cramping, has lower back pains, sore breast, nausea and etc! I’m only 8 weeks and the only things i have experienced is cramping and i’m tired in the afternoon. Now, i know every pregnancy is different but me not having barely any symptoms is making me doubt i’m pregnant 🙁 even though doctor proved i am… SO should i enjoy this is or be worried?


        You should enjoy it to the fullest if I could have had those symtoms I would’ve been one happy girl 😛


          well u should be glad that u dnt have all those other symptoms….ive been experiencin crampin and tiredness too…but im still not sure im prego…but CONGRATS!!!! ^_^


            You should enjoy it ! I was the same way ! I wasn’t sick or anything .. just the cramping ! When I told everyone how worried I was they all told me how sick they were etc and that I should count myself as lucky ! So be thankful !
            I also didnt believe I was pregnant until I saw my little baby on the ultrasound screen .. so even if u have no symptoms just be glad you are pregnant without the terrible side affects that most people experience lol 😛


              Consider your self lucky…I started having symptoms at 9 weeks and it was horrible. Nausea from 9-16 weeks 5 times a day it was horrible..Its nothing to worry about you will get symptoms eventually and I didint even feel pregnant at 4 months.


                there is no doubt your pregnant hunni im 2 months and 1 week and for a while i only had cramping ikept worrying that my period wouldcome and i would miscarige but no my baby and i are fine, i would enjoy not getting all the symptoms, i get nausea just from standing up and feel like imgoingto throw not to mention the mood swings that cause me and my boyfriend too argue allthe time , be happy :)!!! And Good Luck xx


                  Hey hun! Okay so you should DEF enjoy it! lol I was around 7 weeks when I found out I was prego n the only symptom I really had was some heartburn and MASS tiredness! I was like tired all the time lol But other than that I didnt have too much goin on really n I was like o maybe the doctor is wrong..yay! lol….but no he for sure wasnt…n now look at me lol


                    omg im in yur same shoes girl so dont worry, i feel the exact same symptoms yur feeling!


                      Well did your doctor have you take a regular pregnancy test like a store bought one, or did she take on the medical ones they make women take in the hospital? If it’s the one where you take it in the hospital, you probably are pregnant, even thought there’s a chance you still might not be. My mom and grandma never got morning sickness or any of the bad symptoms…they said they had the best pregnancies so maybe you are, you’re just one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get all the horrible symptoms…did you plan on becoming pregnant or no? 😮


                        Dont Worry… 🙂
                        Im 30 weeks now and I haven’t had any symptoms except cramping, tiredness and dizzyness. I know people who have been completely bedridden so feeling normal is awesome!


                          Psh, i went to a clinic and i never plan for anything. lol that’s thing about life, you can plan all you want but, the unexpected will happen ><


                            Enjoy every minute of it huni ! .. Pregnancy is a gift. Although timing can sometimes prove difficut aswel as the symptoms, 9 months later when its all done you’l have forgotten all the worry and you will ENJOY ! .. So why not start now. Congrats Sweety


                              I think you should consider yourself lucky. I have had friends that are absolutely sickly looking throughout their entire pregnancy so if you get to avoid that… you are very lucky. :cheer:


                                I didnt find out or have symptoms until i was 5 months along, so enjoy it while you can!

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