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      Hi my name is Caty (katie spelled diff.), I am 20 years old and 14 weeks pregnant, until last week i lived with my boyfriend who is very exited about being a father, but due to recent finacial trouble he has to sell the home we have been living in. He keeps saying he’s going to get a better job everything will be fine by the time the baby comes in may, until then I am forced to stay in my grandma house ware my boyfriend is not alowed, with my mother who is going through a divorce and my grandma’s yuppy boyfriend who is always interigating me, and looking down on the fact that i am unwed pregnant grocery store employee who can’t affored a place to live. Because of the cost of living even working full time, I can’t affored a place bymyself, if my boyfriend would just find a full time job there would be no problems but he’s not even looking. I just wish I could make him relize while he’s having the time of his life staying with his buddies, while I am in what feels like hell, it’s hard being this emotianal and trying to live with people who have made it perfectly clear that i’m not wanted here.



        Through my won pregnancy I have discovered that pregnancy can be a very emotional time filled with lots of ups and downs. It is too bad that your family is putting you down and making you feel judged. At least they are letting you have a place to stay and being a little bit supportive. Unfortunately many girls don’t even have that much from their families. Try to be strong. You have chosen life for this child. You are working to try to provide for the baby. There is no shame in that. Be strong and hang in there. As for your boyfriend I hope he finds a job soon. It can sometimes be hard to find a job. When I graduated from undergrad I didn’t have any luck getting a job. Eventually I contacted a temp agency and they found stable work for me to do – that could be an option for your boyfriend in the meantime while he in looking for something more permanent (or maybe the place he is assigned to will hire him as a permanant employee as happened in my case). Hang in there!



          Hiya Caty.

          I’m sorry to hear u are having such a hard time of it. When I was pregnant I was in a similar situation to you, I was living with my mum who ended up chucking me out the house when I was 6 months pregnant. My boyfriend at the time didn’t want me to move back with him because I would have to leave my job and therefore lose the maternity benefit I would get from there. He ended up with having no choice but to take me in, I could tell he didn’t really want me back but things have worked out ok for us.

          I really hope things work out for u too.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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