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      well i hadn’t had my period for two months then two days ago i just started spotting. Thing is it’s like this light brownish reddish color. It happened for a day at the most then now it’s just gone. Weird thing is i still have cramps and whatnot, any idea as to what may have caused this?


        you havent mentioned if you been sexually active and things like that.
        if you have been sexually active before the time your first period was
        missed- there is a possibility of pregnancy.
        if you have not been it could be a cause of stressing,
        not eating right or just hormones and your age.
        if you think you pregnant get a test- a home test should be accurate by now
        if you have missed it for 2 months already


          It could be implantation bleeding. You should take a HPT, or a blood test.
          Keep us updated, ok?


            Could it really be implantation bleeding even after two whole months of no period and two months of neg pregnancy tests tho?


              Just take a test and you will know. Not taking the test is not going to change the outcome. Best of luck. Jessica


                Well i got my period last night so yeah im def not preggo thanx again for all your help guys.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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