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      heey guys.. so im almost 6 weeks pregnant, and i have no morning sickness (thank God).. is this really correlated with a higher risk of miscarriage???! im really freaked out..

      oh and im 17 so can i apply for medicaid or do i have to be put on it by my parents?? my grandmas in the hospital so ive been putting off telling them but i kno first trimester is very crucial end that all the organs are beginning to form… can i get on medicaid at my age?? or is there any possible way i can get free prenatal visits ANYWHERE?? i live in texas..

      please help me..

      thanks gals!!



        I had the same question when I was 7 weeks pregnant. My doctor said no, there is no correlation between sickness and a healthy pregnancy. What matters is the hormone levels. Some women have good hormone numbers and their bodies respond with sickness – and it is a healthy pregnancy. Some women have good hormone numbers and their bodies respond without sickness – and it is a healthy pregnancy. If you are nervous, you can ask for your hormone levels (especially progesterone) to be checked by a blood test. And just a warning – my doctor also said that sickness peaks between 8-10 weeks, so it might be on its way… I certainly got my share of it later on… Hope all goes well for you.


          mostly mornging sickness doesn’t start till after 6-7 weeks so I’m sure you’ll feel something different and Tiredness is also a part of it


            My name is also Ashley, I’m 16 and almost 13 weeks pregnant. I’ve only thrown up twice so far, and both times were because I got too hot. ( I cant handle heat very well) I wouldnt worry too much about it, every woman is different and the way her body reacts to pregnancy is also different. I was scared to death I’d be throwing up every day since my mom threw up at least once a day throughout her pregnancy, but so far I’ve had nothing but nausea and those two incidents ( not to mention some close calls)

            Hope that helps 🙂


              Hi! my name is celina, i’m 28,mother of a 3yr old.i didn’t have morning sickness thruout my pregnancy and i have a healthy nothing to worry. relax and enjoy ur pregnancy.


                Hey! Congratulations!

                Your baby will be fine, I’m sure. Some women get morning sickness (I did, and it’s not pleasant, but my daughter made it worth it all), some women don’t.

                Anyway, yes, there are many places you can go for care. I live in Minnesota, but I had to go to a free clinic when I first got pregnant with my daughter, because I didn’t have any money. After a while, I applied for Medical Assistance. Medical Assistance pays for all pregnancy needs.

                I don’t know what there is in Texas, but if you go to your county’s Department of Human (or Social) Services, then there will be plenty of information about pregnant women and health care. I know that everywhere they have free clinics, though. No need to worry. ^^

                If you need help, say so, and I will help you if I can. ^^

                With love,


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