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      I have been experiencing some weird bleeding for the last 3 months. No period, just like sperratic weird and light bleeding. It all depends on how long it will last, it goes from one minute to five minutes and then sometimed as much as a couple of hours. So i haven’t taken a hpt for fear of it coming back negetive. I have been trying with my fiance for a baby since i was 16 1/2 and that was 2 years ago, and nothing has worked. We have not been able to conceive. All the doctors told me to get tested for std’s, so i did, all though it was pretty much a lost cause because the only other guy i’d been with was the guy that raped me, and all my tests came back negative for std’s. And then they told me to get checked for reproductive problems, well, i don’t know how to diagnose these thigs, but i’m pretty sure that if you can go all your life with heavy periods and just all of a sudden stop for 3 months, then it’s not that kinda problem. i thank ewveryone for their advise, i am not trying to be angry, i just really need answers. I have been having hip pain when i sit down and stand up, i get heartburn frequently now, and nausea but never throw up, so please, tell me 1)what u think it may be, and 2)what your pregnancy symptoms are.Thank you.:(


        You NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED to take an HPT and go to a doctor. Even if the HPT is negative, go to the doctor.


          Hmm, that sounds pretty strange. You should definitely take a HPT… And you should probably go to the doctors too.
          Knowing that you are or aren’t pregnant can make a big difference in whether your symptoms are a problem or not.
          Heartburn and nausea can be pregnancy symptoms, (usually starting before three months along but it’s different for everyone,) but if you’re pregnant you should also be gaining weight.
          All of the things you mentioned, even your period going away, can be caused by stress.
          So yeah, take a HPT, and to to the doctors.
          Let us know how it works out, ok?


            i suggest you to make a hpt, you should not fear about the result but about what if-questions, ’cause if there is a fact you are not pregnant you HAVE to go to the doctor, oufcourse if you are pregnant than so much better-and u still have to goo to the docs…
            good look, and really go to the doc.


              🙁 so it’s me, i found out through a hpt and getting my petiod that i am not pregnant, i got a medical card so i am going to go to an obgyn and see what the issue is, it’s kinda strange that i have been trying so long and with no results. but idk, maybe i am infertile.thank you for all your feedback though.

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