nipple piercings

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      I have my nipples pierced and was wondering if there was a problem with that! i know when you breast feed they are a choking hazard but anything else?


        i have heard that nipple piercings make it difficult or even inpossible to breastfeed because they create scar tissue through the nipple…..


          I dont know how far along you are but I would recommend getting rid of them…You still might be able to breastfeed you never know but especially if you are having a girl you dont want your daughter to see you with your nipples peirced becuase she will do the same thing one day and or tell people as soon as she can talk (trust me kids say everything you dont want them to LOL) and if you have a boy it might draw so much attention to your breasts that he will become curious at a younger age!!!! I dont know if you will heed my advice but after having a baby you will change so much and having those peircings may be something that "haunt" you down the road if it is something that affects your kids in the wrong way!!..Meg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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