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      help moms….

      im a mother 2 a beautiful vibrant 8month old… who gives me beans at sleep time!

      i swear i got more sleep wen she was newly born… for the past few weeks now, she has been fussing up a storm 2 sleepbcoz she has learnt 2 stand n crawl n thats all shewants to do, sumtyms she will be EXAUSTED but will still fight her sleep. before, i could lie her on her side n sit near her n gently pat her n she would fall sleep peacefully…. now, if i try that she cries like i hit her n protests by sitting up. she has 2naps in the daytime which if she misses 1 of, will prove 2 leave her xtreamly grumpy at night. n night time is even worse, she wakes ALOT at night 4 water n sumtyms will jus cry alot alot 4 like half an hour, she still breastfeeds 1-2times at night n i feel sooo tired and like a bad mother, im at my witts end!!

      anybody please ANY advice????


        Haha. She sounds adorable. Try talking to your pediatrician about the situation, he or she may be able to give lots of advice!


          Well my daughter is almost 6 now so forgive me for the lack of the when to do things time frame but can you give her the baby cereal before she goes to bed with breast feeding. I did this with my daughter (obviously start with only a little) and see how it works. This helped to hold her thru the night. I also did not talk to her or turn on lights in the middle of the night. If she had to be fed the lights would be off and it would be JUST for feeding not playing or cuddling etc. Hope this helps. Jessica


            thanx but she does eat cereal b4 she sleeps, she eats with us on the table whatever we are eating (provided she can) n there after has her cereal… im really gettin aggrevated and she can sense it


              Maybe she is teething. My mom always cut a rag into strips and froze them then gave them to the baby to gum on. MAke sure you keep in eye out though the baby could choke…=) hope this helps


                Hey I went through the same stuff with my boy, he’s one now and sleeps through the night like the perfect little cherub he is. Now since she is eight months old it’s time to be “TOUGH MUMMY” LOL! First, look for every single thing that could possibly be wrong.

                1. Teething, very good possibility as they start teething like crazy around this time and it acts up at night in that case try teething tablets, tylenol, and frozen things

                2. you’re right, at the time they start crawling they get so excited about their accomplishments that they do have sleep trouble

                3.Gas, massage, loosening their diapers and putting them on their bellies (they wont suffocate dont worry) will all help with that.

                If you have tried that to no avail then it is time for Mommy to say good night and leave baby to go to sleep on their own. Guaranteed they will scream their heads off for hours but they WILL figure it out. And believe me, it works. Lastly, she’s old enough that she doesn’t need to breastfeed at night so when she wakes up to nurse just put her back to bed and do the crying it out. If she continues to cry constantly just go back in her room and lay her down (cause she’ll probably be standing up) and tell her “night night time” Believe it’s hard but it works so well in the long run. And last but not least NEVER put her to bed asleep. But I think you already knew that. Anyways GOOD LUCK!

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