Newborn road trip?

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      I am 38 weeks pregnant and he could be here any day, now. My doctor isn’t letting me go past 39 weeks… so he’ll be here within the next week. Anyways, my mother, boyfriend and I want to take him to Alabama to allow my family to see him while he’s still so young for the weekend of January 16-19. We are traveling from Texas. This is about a 12-14 hour drive without a baby. I am breastfeeding, also, so that is supposed to give higher immunity support. I was concerned about getting in an accident, diseases, etc. I will talk to his pediatrician about this after he’s born, but would like opinions from parents. 🙂


        My opinion would be not to take the baby…. totally forgetting the whole chance the baby can get sick and car accident and everything I think you also need to think about you and your bf and the baby. I know your mom and possibly you want to show everyone the baby but I think you should take the first little while to spend with you and your new little family (you your bf and your son). You may also find it a little overwhelming with everyone wanting to be around and help etc etc, I know that I did. Having a newborn is a big change and you should cherish every moment. Not to mention the potential of the baby being exposed to gems that could make him sick… Can the family come to you? Best of luck…..Jessica


          I def. wouldn’t. The only reason I took DD out at a week old was b/c it was June, and I had to. But with it being winter and a really long trip I def. wouldn’t that would just increase the chance of the baby getting sick.


            im not a mother but i would like to say, if it is hard for some adults to sit it a car that long, think about how hard it will be for the baby.
            I agree with what the other girls are saying to… the more people around the baby, holding the baby, touching, breathing on it, is just more and more germs.

            i also think you should wait a little while.

            btw, im excited for you!


              well every situation is different when my son was born he was 2 months premature and was put on a heart and breathing monitor but when he was about 6 wks we took a trip down to georgia cuz we were looking for a house no from that experince i say go for it because on the trip we didnt have any problems and i think from traveling alone he out grow his breathing prombles but like i said before each situation is different


                here by us it is kind of a tradition that the family is left on their own for the firs month- i mean with no visits and stuff like that…and i think its pretty cool thatway cause well ok you DO have your baby by you for 9 months now…but you dont have him so really you know…with feeding,changiong…crying…and your boyfriend.

                i think the trip wont be a problem cause he wont be even a month old, but i think it would be a problem cause of the emotions…

                good luck =)


                  I’d say wait just till he’s a few weeks old because a big trip like that will be stressful for you as well as baby. The first week after birth is for quiet, getting acquainted time. When he’s a few weeks old I’m sure it will be fine to take him, just nurse him lots, and keep him bundled up, newborns spend most of there time sleeping anyways. Have fun!


                    I would say. Its completely up to you. You are the mother and will know if you feel comfortable doing it. 12-14hrs is a fair trip but if you wanna do it. If he happens to get a temperature or something there is drs everywhere.
                    You shouldnt just have to go to the same dr.
                    Is it warm or cold over there?

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