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      hey Im new here.. Im Tonia, I’m 17 and I’ll be 13 wks pregnant on Thursday! I’ll be raising my baby on my own without the dad around as he was very immature and selfish and left.. which is fine cuz he made me mad if i even looked at him..He lied all the time I never could believe Im hearing he’s going around saying that my baby isnt his so f*** him I dont need him and my baby dont either..Right now I do have a boyfriend that I love very much,but hes not the babys daddy, altho I wish he was….But Im craving food like soo bad right now so Im gonna go eat lol.. God bless


        Hey Tonia, welcome to the site! My name is Sarah, I am gonna be 15 soon and I am 38 weeks pregnant. Exactly how you explained the dad of your baby, is how the dad of my baby was and still is, but he is out of the picture hopefully for good! So, if you ever wanna talk I am here! : )


          Good for you, guys like that dont deserve to be blessed to have such a blessing as a beautiful baby. best of luck for you and the little baby growing in your tummy.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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