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      okay well here is my story……okay i had my period jan 15 and then i had sex jan 21….well i went to the dr. jan 24 and he did a u/s and he told me that i was "O"…well i have pcos and i aint never "O" or well that is what they told me…welll he told me i was so i thought it was funny….b.c i have never hear that so anyways….that same week i got really sick and was for 2 weeks i couldnt eat nothing smell food or a cig… that was over…my boobs started to hurt really bad i was like well my period is going to come….well it was like 3 weeks or maybe 2 weeks before my period should come my boobs never hurt before it should come….anyways well i was a week late and i took a test the 14 of feb….it was neg….i think it was to early but anyways….i think it was the 21 of feb i started to get brown dischage only well i wiped and then the next day i started to see blood but only when i wiped…well then the next days to come i only need to wear one pad…which i normal bleed so bad that i would need to wear two pads at a time i know i am weird but that i how it is….but it was old blood b.c it didnt smell like a period u know anyways now it is a week later and my boobs hurt really bad and they feel full but they dont look like they have got bigger….but i can see my veins better in my boobs which i didnt realize until i read the signs on this website….anyways my friend just for out the other week that she was 10 weeks and some day pregnant and she had her period in dec. so please help if u can and sorry so long but i just dont know what else to do i dont want to take a test b.c i dont want a neg. again thanks:blink:

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