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      so i have more symptoms to add to what ive been having, i was and still am having, constipation, missed my period for febuary, slight nausea, headaches, back aches, im always tired,gassey, spotted the beginning of march, plus strange food cravings. now to add to that i am having swollen tender breasts, im having symptoms of seasonal allergies as well ( i have never had allergies in my life)
      my mom says it could be a symptom because when your pregnant sometimes your senses are stronger. plus i took a pregnancy test today and it came back a faint positive.. so i showed my husband and we are making an opointment to see a doctor. what do you guys think? my period is due again in a few days so.. im thinking of taking an other test before i see a doctor. that and im going to see if my period shows up.. doubt it will though.


        Sounds like what I’ve been going through, for the most part. LoL I think you are, definatly smart move on going to the doctor (always what I tell everybody). Hope everything works out for you. 🙂


          It sounds like you are pregnant. I mean your period is past being "late". It didn’t happen. With my first baby, it took 2 weeks past my expected period date before I even got a faint positive on a urine test.


            if you missed you period all the way through feb i reckon that you are very pregnant.


              You should get a blood test just to be sure because you cant reley on urine tests.. i had 2 very faint positives and 2 negatives and it wasnt for like 2 weeks that one actually showed up a clear positive.. so you could try taking another hpt .. but when you go to the doctors make sure to get a blood test.. because i took my urine test at the doctors and it still came up negative! ..
              Goodluck and let us know the results!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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