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      ok so i know this is totally off the subject but there is a new show and i dont know if any of you watch it but its called the secret life of the american teenager its sort of in the middle of the season but its good if you want to know more about it just go on

      by for now!!!


        omg ive watched the entire season. good show 🙂


          I’ve seen the commercial, is it good ?


            I love that show. It is absolutely, no doubt my favotite. The season finale is this Monday. I can’t wait to see the baby!


              We lost abc family so I have missed a lot, the last episode I saw was like when Amy was going back to her high school and Ricky’s girlfriend, can’t remember her name, was being forced to go live with her dad, she got pulled over or something, does she find out if she is having a boy or a girl? Catch me up, I think there is a lot of lessons to be learned from this show..I miss watching it..LOL…Meg


                You have missed a lot! lol

                Well, basically…Amy is having a BOY. And after numerous failed attempts at trying to find an adoptive family for him, she has decided to keep the baby. Ben’s dad got both Ban and Ricky jobs working at the meat factory, so they are learning how to deal with one another and both be in the baby’s life. Amy’s parents are getting a divorce, and her dad has now found his own house. Ashley will be moving with him when he goes.

                Now, Amy is about to have the baby.


                  Thanks for filling me in…LOL…so has Ricky really changed or is he still trying to get with Grace and being a slime ball?…LOL….Love Meg


                    Personally, I think he’s still a slimeball. But, he’s not after Grace anymore. He want’s to get back with Amy…

                    I just like Ben. I’m biased lol


                      On the last episode right now, just finished the season in 2 days LOL. I like it, are they going to continue the series?


                        Yea, the new season is gonna start in June.


                          sweet thanks, I love it at first the episode was a little cheesy but I had to keep watching.
                          Now I’m sad I did it so quickly. Can’t wait to watch it again though.

                          Ce3 Pr3tty

                            omg I saw that show both seasons I love it I wonder how everythings gonna turn out I think it comes back on in June

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