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      Hi everyone I’m sam im knew here I really love this site and suport it i wish i knew about it when i was pregnant. I got pregnat when i was 15 and hid it from everyone and that was a big mistake im so blessed that my daughter is so healthy I am now 17 and she is 18 months and even though its hard she is the best thing in my life. If anyone ever needs to talk im here i dont want anyone to feel alone like i did


        i dont know wut to really say but, when did you start having symptoms of pregnancy, because im 17 and i have been feeling sick all the time i sometimes are really tired for no reason, yesterday i was really moody, my boobs just started to hurt, but i just dont know wut to think because i dont think teh symptoms would be showing so soon, becasue if i was pregnant it would of happened on teh 26th of march and its only been wut 10 days…..can it show that soon,,,,,please email me back im really confused, and i havent wanted to eat anything lately, and yesterday i had some really weird pains and it was not period pains……
        Gina :unsure:


          Hi i’m tee and i was wondering if u could tell me your symptoms when u were pregnant i’m 14 and i might b its worrying me 2 death my boyfriend proismed me he will b there 4 me and doesnt want me 2 get a abortion if i am pregnant i will have my baby dec.15 i’m not suppose 2 start my cycle till the 13th of april but i had unprotected sex and i have been having these werid feeling in my lower abdoman and slugish and eating and not getting full like i have a hole in my stomach and i took a test over the internet and it said my most fertile day was march 24 an that was the day i had sex he said he pulled out but heres precum so if u dont mind any advise would help
          ~*scared, worried*~ Tee**Tee :unsure:


            for some people symptoms can apear as short as a few days after conception my symptoms started when i was about 2 in a half month pregnant but there are other things that thoes symptoms can be my best advise is to just relax and try not to worry its only been a short amount of time


              my symptoms were morning sickness highten sense of smell brest tenderness achyness and i got alittly dizzy a few times thoes online caculators are not always right there just an estimet and worrying can make it worse try to not worry wich i know is very hard waitit out until after the 13 and take a test i mean ive been there and i know how scary it can be but it will be ok and things work out

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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