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      Hay everyone. My name is Briana … or Bri. I’m 16 years old. I just turned 16 on Jan. 12th. I am 5 weeks pregnant and scared to death. I live with my Uncle. He is my godfather but I can’t seem to gain enough courage to tell him that I’m pregnant. I’m scared of what he might do. My baby’s dad doesn’t know I’m pregnant either … yet. I have to get a hold of him to tell him. I don’t know where he is or anything but I could find out. I don’t know how he’ll react either. He’s in his early 20’s and I’m 16. That’s the problem.

      I’m due on September 28th. I could use people to chat with about anything and everything. You can email me at It would be really great to chat with other moms.

      Thank you everyone for reading this.

      Love, Bri.

      amanda and chuck

        i know how you feel my first pregnancy i was scared to tell my dad but the night i told him the worst thing happened i had a miscarriage and i regretted not telling him sooner but im 17 and 3 months pregnant with another one and i finally got the courage to tell him the night i found out if i was you i would because you need special care i was 2 months with the 1st when i seen a doctor. he may be angry at first but once he hears the heart beat he’ll change his mind.


          I just went through the same situation.

          try telling your BD (babys daddy) first. If he is in his 20’s he should be mature enough about it (especially because its his issue now too) He may not be supprtive of what you want or what you decide to do (im going through the same thing) but, if you plan on keeping or not it will be a lot easier to have him to talk to.

          I was so scared to tell my parents and once they knew, it made everything so much easier.

          Whatever happens this is your life, your decision, your body. Do not let anyone make up your mind.

          if you want pm me, and ill for sure be here to chat with you 🙂


            Hey Bri!
            I’m new here too! I just found this site a few minutes ago. I know what your going through, I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant and trust me, I’ve been there.
            The best thing to do is tell your uncle A.S.A.P.! I know that it is going to be hard, but you’ve got to. I just turned 17 Jan. 5, so I’m not too much older than you are.
            About the dad though, make sure that you want him to be a part of you and your baby’s life. You still need to tell him, but make sure that you want him around before you invite him to come back around!


              you need to tell him now so u can get into a doc…the earlier you start prenatal care the better it is for you and the baby….so not that u came here for my life story but i’m 17, 18 in april with a baby due in june…i’m 21wks preg, finished HS early….and told my dad, and my (now) finaces parents all on the same day…i was so scared to tell them, i dodn’t know what was going to happen, or how they would react…the dads were is shock, then my dad was mad, but his mom was excited from the get go, and his dad was ok with it after yelling at my dad for not being…funny how things work…but nw wayz….just tell them…say something like "u know everything happens for a reason and God wouldn’t let something happen uness it were what was supposed to happe, well i’m gonna be a mommy…"… for ur bf, just tell him he’s gonna be a daddy, that worked for me…..
              u can message me or email me at if you want to talk or need any advice……hope i helped….

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