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      Hey I’m new to the site. I thought I’d share my experience and ask for anyone’s help who can relate.

      Hey, I’m Jade and I am 15 years of age.
      I got pregnant at 14 while using birth control which ultimately didn’t work. My boyfriend had always said that if by chance I were to become pregnant he would be commited to help raise his child. He was there for me during the pregnancy up until my birthday and slipped out. I had a son, Rylan, on December 2nd, whom I love dearly and both sides of his family accept and love as well. My son’s father refuses to listen to his parents and step up to the plate. I was wondering if there was any possible way I could get him to warm up to the idea and eventually meet his son. I just want my little boy to have as much of his father as possible. Am I being reasonable or unrealistic, what is so wrong with this request? I apologize if this is the incorrect forum, I took a quick glance at the topics. Thank you all in advance.


        hunnie unfortunatly no one can make him do anything he doesnt want to do, just pray he’ll come around and make the right decision, but for now just have fun with your little one, just cuz hes missing out doesnt mean you have to:cheer:

        good luck hun
        im always here if you want to talk


          Congrats on the bundle of joy! My son was born 12/2 as well. Now, my sons father says he wants to be a part of his life but has never met him. He is running from the DNA test as well as the law. Has he seen your son? Has his family had a chance to meet him yet? You can try to talk to him, without yelling, and see what he has to say. If you need the financial assistance contact child support. But other than that, there really isnt anything you can do. You dont want to force him because then he might resent your son, treat him wrong or just get out of town. Is there a positive male figure in his life? Dont try to be Mommy and Daddy just a GREAT MOTHER. Im really sorry and I know that its painful because your lil man deserves all the love in the world. Hes the dumb ass who is missing out.


            wow kinda sounds like my life story.
            i was 15 when i got pregnant on birth control. belive it or not i was using Depo Prevera and i still got pregnant.

            i was with my sons fther for 3 years and he was all about being there no matter what.. if i ended up getting pregnant that he woudl stand by me… well 5 days after i concieved on New Years Eve i took the test and i was Pregant.i told him that night and he left… littarly got on a plane and left that next morning. with out tellig me or anyone.

            my son is now three and i am 19 and his father still isnt in his life. believe me as much as i wish at times he was just because scotty needs that father figure… my fiancee right now has accepted that responsibility. even though i am raising my son to try and know his real father…

            sometime u just have to accept the fact ur goign to raise ur child on your own.. thats what i had to do …and sadly it looks that way for you to.

            good luck either way


              I know exactly what you’re going through, so don’t feel alone. I got pregnant at 14, as well, and am now 16. NO it is not too big of a request! If anything, you should be requesting more. I’d say this: give him time to figure some things out about himself and let him grow up, he is still very young. If that doesn’t happen, then try CALMLY explaining to him the situation, that he’ll regret it, etc. and if he doesn’t step up… then MOVE FORWARD. Don’t hold yourself back from moving on and finding a better daddy for your little boy. My son’s father actually has come around to being a father, even though we now live in a different state, and things are still pretty shaky, but it is getting better… and it will continue to get better, just like with you. Let the situation play itself out, don’t worry about it. Your son will grow up with a family who loves him very much and one day a better daddy will come along to take responsibility.


                Yep you won’t be able to make him do anything and honestly you want him to be real about it if he is to meet him.
                It would be a hard thing to deal with but id have to prefer him not being there than just being there because he was made.


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