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    princess Angela

      Hey girls,
      Sorry i havnt been here much latly. This has whats been going on after my Boy friend made me get the abortion on the 18th of nov. my bf went away for the ashes in melb while he was down there he cheated on me i found out by lookin threw his fone after he came back we had a massive fight about it but stayed together about 2 weeks later he breaks up with me saying it wasnt working and so on. So i guess is what im tryin to say is for any girl if ur bf is tryin to get rid of the baby dont listen . It was the worst mistake i have made in my whole life all i want is my baby back but ill never get to see her or hold her. Just because he says he loves u now doesnt mean he will later your baby will always love u no matter what.
      Love angela


        Very-Very Touching! What a great post though…

        You’re right… Your child will love you, though, the guy usually never* stays around in a teen relationship. Did you know:

        Nearly 80% of teen mothers, do not marry the babies father?!

        Wishing you the best…


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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