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      My name is Anne, and i’m 16 and have a 4 month old daughter.
      Like most girls my age i never thought i would get pregnant and have a baby. I can’t say that i was protecting myself so when i got pregnant with my ex-boyfriend (who had already had a girlfriend of 2 years i later found out), i wasn’t totally shocked. Deep down i knew something was different that first month, my boobs were tender and i had morning sickness. I told my ex-boyfriend, Derek, and he told me that he would help my take care of the baby and that we would be a happy little family. That lasted about a month, until i started showing and people started talking. Derek left me when i was 3 months pregnant and began denying that i was pregnant with his child. i told my mom and she kicked me out the house and sent me to live with my dad. I called Derek’s parents and told them about the situation and they told me that they would help my out as much at possible no matter happened.
      After that is when i decided i was going to keep my baby, i knew i couldn’t just give her up, i wasn’t strong enough. Some people would call me selfish, and maybe i am. Most people tell you have an abortion or give up. It’s not that easy…as soon as i saw that tiny little baby on the monitor i knew that i had to keep her. I wasn’t exactly sure how i was going to do it, but in knew that she was mine and i was meant to be her mother. I talked to my father, he and i made deal that if i finished school and went to college he would help me take care of the baby.
      On January 12, 2009 i have Kaydence Isobelle, my mom came to visit me for the first week i brought Kaydence home. And Derek came to hosiptal with his parents to see her. Many of my friends stopped by to see her and a few stopped talking to me all together. Now Derek comes by every week to see Kaydence and he takes her to go see his parents every now and then on the weekends. My mom calls in every now and then but she is too busy with my little sister and her new boyfriend. My dad had been awesome with taking care of Kaydence and i thank him everyday. I never thought i would be able to do it, but i some how managed, and everyday when i ask myself if i made the right choice i just look at my little girl and i tell myself ‘yes i did’. No matter how hard it gets i know that in the long run it’ll be worth it.


        I can only hope the father is paying child support. His once a week visits does not put food on your table or pay medical bills. If he isn’t paying child support you need to see a lawyer now. Your kid is owed money. The fact that you used to be a cheer leader isn’t going to get your kid in college. You need money for that.


          He helps out when he can, but his parents send money when they see her. It’s not easy, but we manage…


            Well, I recently went to the doctor to get birth control and the doctor had me take a urinary pregnancy test and it came back positive. I told my mom two days ago, the doctor said I’m 6 weeks pregnant. A lot of stuff is about to change, a lot of people are going to judge me. I’m not going to be able to have my independent streak after high school, but I am determined to finish high school, go to college, and get a good job. My mom is being supportive. My step dad is being a jerk. I haven’t told my dad yet and he hardly knows me, I see him one weekend a month (sometimes less) and so he’ll be surprised. My boyfriend is being okay, he says he’ll never leave me, but I’ve heard the stories from all the other girls online. I’m just going to have to take things as they come. I’m only sixteen and a sophmore in school. A lot of my plans are going to change.


              “helping out when he can” is not good enough. He is under an obligation to help you all the time. It’s called parenting. He can get a job. If he’s a bum he can collect cans. It is his responsibility to support his child. You need to see a lawyer for child support. Diapers are not free.

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